We are not victims of our lives.

We are powerful creators with the privilege of choice.



I am a retreat leader and meditation facilitator.

By the time you find me you're ready to do the work, you've felt the call, and by some seeming-serendipity you've wound up here. You're in the exact right place at the exact right time. Welcome!

Our work together is a deep-dive into your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. The process is truthful, gentle and supportive. It gives you an opportunity to listen to your body, feel your feelings, find balance and realize a powerful sense of control.

The tools and meditations Lacy is using on this retreat are intense, they are like nothing you've probably ever experienced, and they are completely life-altering. I cannot say enough about it and still I'm tongue-tied whenever I try. Everyone needs this work. Everyone.
– LWC, San Francisco


You would like to feel empowered and hopeful.

You are ready to heal your body of physical and emotional pain.

You are feeling called to let go of unhealthy habits or addictive behaviors that are no longer serving you.

You want to feel peaceful in your life.

You are ready to love your reflection in the mirror.

You are looking for change in your career, in your relationships and in your body.

You get the sense there has to be “more” to life.

You know it’s time to make a change, you just don’t quite know how.