Join us (Lacy + Kayla) for a 21 day deep-dive into your heart, body and mind. We will provide you with the education, awareness and support you need to remove blocks, release stuck energy and allow more flow and ease into your life. You are not a victim to your energy level, your genetics or your mood. You are the creator of your own energetic blueprint, and we will show you how to begin harnessing that power.  

It doesn’t matter how much you already know about your chakras. You can know a great deal or very little about the body’s energy system, and this course will deeply impact and transform you. It isn’t about what you know or don’t know. It isn’t about what you believe or think you believe. It isn’t about who you’ve been or think you’re destined to be. 

It is about change. 

We know that Awareness + Nourishment = Transformation. Together we will raise your awareness while nourishing your body, mind and spirit to lead to the transformation you have been yearning for.

With this downloadable program you will receive:

  • Easy-to-understand information (107 pages worth) about your body’s energy centers, the blocks keeping you stuck and the ways to allow your energy to flow and your life to work more effectively
  • Guided meditations for each chakra (7)
  • Access to the secret Chakra System community Facebook Page
  • Chakra-specific tools, activities, journal prompts, food suggestions, affirmations, and exercises to encourage + allow energetic flow for each chakra
  • Education and insight into the patterns and blocks causing dis-ease and pain in your physical and energetic bodies
  • Inspirational stories of our transformation and what helped us get unstuck

This course is FULL of easy, actionable steps for creating real change in your life. And for those willing to do the work, it will create miracles. At the end of the course you will not only have compiled a Whole Health Guide to improving your mental, physical and spiritual health, you will have a renewed sense of wonder, a lightness of being, and a fresh perspective on what is possible for you. Expect change, and that is what you will get. 

You see the truth is YOU ARE NOT your perceived failures or your excess weight. You are not the guys or girls that you used to throw yourself at to feel love. You are not your sexual preferences or the substances you have used to numb out. You are not even your skin, your hair, or your body. You are not the story that your family has told about you your whole life.

You simply are. And the Chakra System: Reclaiming Your Power is about shifting your perspective, harnessing your energy and owning your power to step into that luminescent beingness that already is you.

This is about:

• Empowerment on every level…knowing how your body and energy work will transform your life in ways you cannot possibly imagine
• Raising your consciousness and owning your power, your worthiness
• Changing your perspective and thus changing your life
• Releasing old beliefs that no longer serve you
• Stepping out of the story 

This is not about:

• Taking up a bunch of your time
• Another program that will fizzle and fail
• Lip service, or something to do if you are not ready to work
• Weight loss, though you may lose some physical and emotional weight
• Getting into a bikini body though you will feel better in your skin

The Chakra System: Reclaiming Your Power is a simple formula of honoring mind, body and spirit. 

MIND: Your mind creates your thoughts, your thoughts create your beliefs, and your beliefs…well, they shape your whole life. We are going to unfold simple and digestible information that will challenge and change the thoughts on repeat in your mind. Day-by-day we will educate you on the energetic systems flowing through your body, the way these systems become blocked and dis-eased, and how you can invite flow again. The only thing you need is to be open and willing. When you change the way you look at things, everything you look at changes. This is about transformation from the inside out and creating a mind that is in harmony with the life you want to create for yourself. 

BODY: Your body is the vessel for your spirit and the physical container for your energy. Ignore its needs, and energy stagnates causing blocks and dis-ease. Through exercises in awareness and movement, we will guide you through processes to release energy and create space and lightness. You will become more confident in your skin. Your shape may change. You may lose weight. But this is not about that. This is about moving energy and creating a hospitable environment for whole health. You will receive tools for your body, but the goals here are internal, not external. Everyday it will come back to the internal landscape. That is where the power lies and true transformation takes place.

SPIRIT: To tap into the vast well that is the spirit within you, you must quiet the mind, disconnect from the body and willingly open yourself to the Oneness that is you. Meditation provides the path. We will teach you the methods and tools to meditate while explaining in easy-to-understand language what is going on in your brain and body when you disconnect from the charms of the external and turn your focus inward. You will ease into a daily meditation practice that supports and nourishes the changes you are making in your brain and body. 

It is a simple, step-by-step, day-by-day process that will nourish, support and uplift you. It is about ease…about flow…and about reclaiming the power that’s been right there all along.

If this is resonating in your body right now and if you know there is room for change, then let’s do this! Expect magic. It will be work, and it will require commitment. But you will not be alone.

Your life is calling for you to change. Your soul is yearning for you to hear its love song. Your body is begging you to release it from stress, pain and needless suffering. Time to answer the call.

Join us:


Our 21-day course will begin in early August. One of the sweetest parts of this course is being in community with others from around the globe doing the work at the same time! Seven downloadable meditations and a PDF at the end of the course are yours to keep forever. 

You will need a pendulum for some of the exercises. You can find them here in the store or at your local metaphysical or crystal shop.

You will receive a welcome email within 2 business days of your enrollment.

What People are Saying About the Chakra System



I received my pendulum today and we are instant buds. It responded to me right away. As I suspected based on my reaction to the Day 12 email, my solar plexus chakra is out of balance. I couldn't get a definite reading on my heart chakra so I'm assuming it needs some work too. I'm tailoring my affirmations to focus on my self-worth. I'm so grateful to have words and deeper understanding about all of this. Your course has helped me to realize that I have much more to do as well. I can't thank you enough!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - Mary


Thank you for helping me come back home into my own body. There is no where else I would rather live. God bless you both for holding and creating this space. You have really inspired me.

- Rebecca


Thank you so much for offering this course, I could tell right away that this was money well spent. I feel like this is only the beginning for me. I loved so many things about the Chakra System course, some of my favorites were killing the victim, what an awesome exercise, also dropping the story, that just feels good to have been given permission to do so, I love being able to just let it go. I really enjoyed the energy diagram exercise of thinking of all the people, things, etc., in my life as energy all at one time instead of my usual thinking of how much a particular person can drain or lift my energy in a particular moment, a different and new approach that I will come back to. 

Prior to the course I wasn't feeling like myself, feeling a little underwhelmed, tired, noticing a lack of my usual creativity and lightness, definitely feeling some stuck energy and I am thankful for the tools learned to change that around. I had only used meditation in the past prior to sleep or in savasana.  Morning meditation is exciting and something I now look forward to excited to wake up in the morning to meditate, it has made my morning routine flow with more ease.

I am excited to continue on with regular meditation, with my pendulums, and everything learned here, I feel more like myself than before, I am more aware, I feel lighter and I feel chills more often like my body is more alive.   

Thank you for the personal stories and insight shared, such an inspiration, I look forward to what is to come from all that I have learned in this course.  

- Haley


I was up extra early and had a chance to get to the throat chakra meditation first- lots of tears- lots of sadness and blocked voice- then the brow! Nice energy there. I appreciate this entire program and process!

- Maureen


Lacy and Kayla, you two are dynamos. This course was full of so much incredible information I haven't made it through everything yet - but, I'm trusting in the rightness of the process I'm in and that's so refreshing. The old me would have been in major guilt trip right about now - I didn't keep up!  I'm not finished yet! I did it all wrong! I'm a failure at this! - but this time I'm breathing into the process and shaking my fist back at the Universe in defiance: I WANT this. I AM making room for change and growth. It doesn't matter how many obstacles you put in the way (including potty training at 3:00am because when he has to go, he has to go) of my morning meditations, I WILL make it happen. This is MY TIME TO SHINE so keep throwing up those barriers and speed bumps, and I'll keep barreling on through. I love me enough to do this work. I AM taking steps to live the life of my dreams.

I'm becoming more aware of when I'm on autopilot, when the victim is trying to step in front of me, and most of all I'm getting better at following the feel-good bread crumbs you talk of, Kayla.  I'm belly dancing with my group, in public, at a large Oktoberfest celebration at the end of the month, and I'm collaborating with another artist to create fine-art books, both of which are huge feel-good, heart warming, soul soothing things. I can feel my creativity blossoming again and my heart opening so much - I compare this to how I felt at the beginning of the year and I don't even recognize that self. I love her so much for starting with small steps (literally, walking on my lunch break because that's when I had the time to do it was a huge "little" step) and gradually making larger changes and adjustments and following those crumbs to now (and going forward). I'm healthier and happier in this moment than I have been in my life and it's getting better every day.

- Jamie


Lacy and Kayla, 

First of all Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for creating this powerful course!! You ladies are incredible! My heart is bursting with love and energy because of the lessons you shared and I am so grateful! 

At the beginning of this course, I wrote in my journal that I based my self worth on what others thought of me. If they liked me I must be good if they didn't like me I must be a terrible person. I became a reflection of what [I imagined] they thought of me. I was  like a leaf blown along by the wind, reacting to the positive and negative energy around me.

I am happy now. I am grateful now. I choose to be joyful and appreciate the little moments that make my heart sing.   I have started to see things in a new way. I feel a calm and stillness inside that I want to cultivate and keep alive. 

My biggest take away is to BE PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS to live fully and completely each and every moment because I don't know what lies ahead. None of us do. I am grateful for the now and I want to continue this work so I don't lose this new perspective.

 - Michele

You will receive a welcome email within 2 business days of your enrollment.