Shift, The Home Kit

A monthly subscription that keeps you connected to mindful living. 


How it works


each month is centered around a theme. You'll find:



Mindful Moments are downloadable recorded audio meditations. 

Good Goods are products found out in the world that are aligned with healthy living. 

Healthy Habits connect you to nourishment your true self.


Easy Eats provide a food experiment or easy-to-prepare healthy recipes. 


Depending on the month, there may also be journal prompts, quotes to consider, play lists, recorded love notes, links to worthy content around the web and more.


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This edition was released May, 2017 and is dedicated to "Exploring Wholeness" It includes:

1) Conscious Conversation - a personal story of something I am negotiating with a brainstorm tool and permission to zoom out and see the situation from as many sides as the moment will allow;

2) Mindful Moment - my favorite music to meditate to (downloadable and yours to keep);

3) Happy Home - an intentional spring cleaning ritual to prepare your physical space in such a way that it mirrors your internal space and is supportive of what you will be creating over the coming months;

4) Healthy Habit - sharing an extremely effective ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine that restores chi to the body (and feels amazing);

5)  Easy Eats - the unlikely documentary that brought me to tears and what you need to know about the most abundant resource on our planet;

6) Good Good - a natural face mask that actually works. 



This edition was released April, 2017 and is dedicated to "Retrograde Edition." It includes:

1) Retrograde Reminders - what it means when Mercury goes into retrograde and reminders to ease daily life (and just great practices for anytime);

2) Retrograde Ready - a selection of gems to use to support you - you're going to want to know which stone is gemstone valium;

3) Mindful Moment - a visualization to used first as a meditation and then as a ritual in real life;

4) Healthy Habit - advice on when to escape the rigors of daily life and how;

5) Easy Eats - the best hummus recipe I've found;

6) Good Good - a favorite product to remind you of your power;

7) Rad Reads - what I"m reading and how self judgement creeps in at the oddest times.


This edition was released March, 2017 and is dedicated to "Exploring Imagination." It includes:

1) Mindful Moment - A meditation to tone your imagination;

2) Healthy Habit - a naming exercise that will transform your relationship to paying your bills;

3) Happy Home - on the heels of returning home from a spiritual retreat in Peru I received clear direction on protecting your energy and cleaning your space;

4) Easy Eats - the green food you MUST get in your diet asap;

5) Good Good - the year of great skin needs great skin products;

6) Must-See Movie - a film that will shift your perspective. Watch it when you need to be inspired by the power of the human spirit.  


This edition was released February 2017 and is dedicated to "Lighten Up." It includes:

1) Mindful Moment - A guest meditation by Kayla Floyd to create lightness;

2) Healthy Habit - A morning ritual to shift your consciousness;

3) Easy Eats - an easy winter chili recipe that is perfect for making on the weekend and eating on all week;

4) Good Good - the magic powder that I swear by;

5) Inspiring Interweb - my favorite video clips to watch when I need to witness resilience and laugh;

6) Must-Have Music - four songs from my personal collection to help you feel. 


This edition was released January 2017 and is dedicated to "Stay Seasonal." It includes:

1) Mindful Moment - A 10-minute meditation to recall your energy back to you;

2) Healthy Habit - The eating schedule that helped me release nearly 60 unwanted pounds;

3) Happy Home - What you need to know about house plants that will have you running to the nearest nursery to get a new green friend;

4) Easy Eats - a Chai Smoothie recipe and the best way to blend a smoothie (ingredient order matters);

5) Good Good - How to use oracle decks and my gemstone of the year;

6) Inspiring Interweb - A series to binge watch!


This edition was released December 2016 and is dedicated to "Exploring Lightness." It includes:

1) Mindful Moment - a new before bed ritual in the form of a 5-minute unwind meditation;

2) Healthy Habit - Life looks so different through the lens of joy. A video to raise your vibration and get you laughing;

3) Conscious Conversation - journal prompts to explore the stories you've been telling and help you release the ones that are no longer working in your favor;

4) Easy Eats - An incredibly satisfying pumpkin spice almond milk recipe;

5) Good Good - A favorite tool to help you develop a mediation practice.


This edition was released November 2016 and is dedicated to "Permission Granted." It includes:

1) Healthy Habit - A practice to retrain your subconscious to eliminate limiting beliefs;

2) Conscious Conversation - a phrase that brings peace in incredibly challenging moments (and a personal story about my own health);

3) Mindful Moment - an 8-minute visualization to help you calm down;

4) Easy Eats - Indispensable practical information on how to prepare veggies;

5) Good Good - Time to up your chocolate game;

6) Inspiring Interweb - An article that may change your mind about the aging process and a singer that is break-your-heart-good.


This edition was released October 2016 and is dedicated to "The Art and Necessity of Pleasure." It includes:

1) Healthy Habit - my magic formula for daily pleasure that will easily move you to action;

2) Conscious Conversation - Knowing the difference between your wants and desires and how to meet your needs;

3) Mindful Moment - a 12-minute meditation to explore sensation;

4) Easy Eats - a mango cream recipe that you will make again and again;

5) Good Good - Two ways to light your home that actually make you healthier (I buy at least one of these for all my favorite people).


This edition was released September 2016 and is dedicated to "Exploring Your Space" (one of my favorites so far). It includes:

1) Healthy Habit - an exercise to partner proof your closet that will lead to incredible ease in getting dressed each and packing for getaways;

2) Conscious Conversation - journal prompts to explore your space and open up the idea of having things that are both useful and beautiful;

3) Mindful Moment - a 16-minute meditation to empower you and bring hope for your future (this one can bring tremendous clarity);

4) Easy Eats - An incredibly effective daily practice that will start your day strong help you release unwanted pounds;

5) Happy Home - What you need to know about your surroundings and an excessive to improve your home space;

6) Good Good - My favorites for my inner space, my home space and my body (three things I would recommend everyone have);

7) Inspiring Interweb - A solid pep talk and the best laughter from the internet.


This edition was released August 2016 and is dedicated to "Exploring Confidence." It includes:

1) Mindful Moment - an 8-minute mediation to bring you into what's really real;

2) Conscious Conversation - journal prompts on confidence with a question that I ask myself at least once a week;

3) Healthy Habit - a practice that is as beneficial as it is fun (Beyonce has this one DOWN);

4) Easy Eats - a week-long breakfast experiment to help you find what foods your body feels best taking in first thing in the day;

5) Good Good - A new edition to my capsule wardrobe that you're going to want on your body;

6) Inspiring Interweb - A video to remind you that life is easy (and more).


This edition was released July 2016 and is dedicated to "Exploring Freedom." It includes:

1) Mindful Moment - thoughts on adapting and a 6-minute meditation to shift the tone of your day;

2) Conscious Conversation - journal prompts on freedom to open your heart to receiving;

3) Healthy Habit - a reminder to focus on water and what your urine has to tell you about your hydration levels;

4) Easy Eats - Everything you need to know about quinoa and three recipes to support you;

5) Good Good - Find out if your toothpaste is hiding toxic ingredients (it just might surprise you);

6) Inspiring Interweb - The video that will bring you perspective in moments when it's really needed and more.