Exploring Your Space


Exploring Your Space


Shift, The Home Kit is monthly guide to keep you connected to your goals for a healthy and mindful life. It's pure inspiration, support and encouragement.

This edition was released September 2016 and is dedicated to "Exploring Your Space" (one of my favorites so far). It includes:

1) Healthy Habit - an exercise to partner proof your closet that will lead to incredible ease in getting dressed each and packing for getaways;

2) Conscious Conversation - journal prompts to explore your space and open up the idea of having things that are both useful and beautiful;

3) Mindful Moment - a 16-minute meditation to empower you and bring hope for your future (this one can bring tremendous clarity);

4) Easy Eats - An incredibly effective daily practice that will start your day strong help you release unwanted pounds;

5) Happy Home - What you need to know about your surroundings and an excessive to improve your home space;

6) Good Good - My favorites for my inner space, my home space and my body (three things I would recommend everyone have);

7) Inspiring Interweb - A solid pep talk and the best laughter from the internet.

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