Stay Seasonal


Stay Seasonal


Shift, The Home Kit is monthly guide to keep you connected to your goals for a healthy and mindful life. It's pure inspiration, support and encouragement.

This edition was released January 2017 and is dedicated to "Stay Seasonal." It includes:

1) Mindful Moment - A 10-minute meditation to recall your energy back to you;

2) Healthy Habit - The eating schedule that helped me release nearly 60 unwanted pounds;

3) Happy Home - What you need to know about house plants that will have you running to the nearest nursery to get a new green friend;

4) Easy Eats - a Chai Smoothie recipe and the best way to blend a smoothie (ingredient order matters);

5) Good Good - How to use oracle decks and my gemstone of the year;

6) Inspiring Interweb - A series to binge watch!

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