The right pendulum always finds it's owner. When you place your order I'll ask my current selection of pendulums which one wants to be yours. If you're drawn to a particular chakra or stone feel free to let me know in the comments of your order and I will begin with those.

Gemstones currently in stock: shiva lingham, tiger eye, banded agate, rose quartz, quartz with chlorite inclusion, lapis, red jasper, honey calcite, firoza stone, amethyst and green aventurine


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A pendulum is made of a weight stone and a chain (or string). It is not anything to fear. It's simply energy in motion and the accessing of the unconscious that gets processed by our intuition.

1. Ready your mind + body.

Take a deep breath and call on your highest self. This is key! You must be sure it's your highest self that is present. I always say, "I call upon the highest self to answer these questions. I ask only for answers for the greatest good." You can say it aloud or in your head. I almost always say it inside as I breathe and center. Sit up straight and hold the top of your string with thumb and forefinger. Hold your other hand under the stone to help focus the energy.

2. Make sure you and your pendulum are speaking the same language.

You'll only need to do this one time when you first begin using your pendulum. Ask it to "show me yes" and wait to see how it responds. My pendulum “yes” is circles. Then ask it to "show me no" remembering that you can always ask it to "show me bigger" if you are not getting much movement. My pendulum “no” is back and forth.

You can ask your pendulum to show you “yes” with circles and “no” with back and forth essentially programming it to your liking. If you choose to do that then you'll use these words... "When I ask a question and the answer is “yes” move like this" and then you swing the pendulum how you want it. Same for “no.”

3. Start simple.

You want to verify that you two are in sync by asking basic/ obvious questions. It’s always good to favor a statement over a question. As in, “My name is Lacy” vs. "Is my name Lacy?" I also like to use clothing and locations/ days of the week such as, "I am wearing a white shirt." or "Today is Thursday." If you are aligned then proceed. If you are not go back to #2 and reprogram.

4. Ask + be patient.

Ask your Q's and be sure to phrase them in yes, no form. Avoid works like "should" or "supposed to." It may take a moment to answer. Continue to breathe and think about your question but not the answer. Just live in the question for a moment and then watch for your pendulum to respond. You may need to rephrase the question or ask it in both formats where the answer is yes then no. For example, "My name is Lacy" look for yes swing and then, "My name is June" look for no swing. A big swing or wide circle is a loud and clear yes! A little swing or small movement is a quiet yes. Remember that you can always ask it to show you bigger.

5. Reset.

At the end of the question touch the stone to your hand to signify that the answer has been received and you're ready to move on to the next question. Or say thank you and wait for it to stop moving.

A few statements to use:

-        This is a good time to use my pendulum. or It is in the highest good to ask questions now.

-        My body needs more of this daily.

-        My body gets enough of this daily.

-        This drains my energy.

-        This adds to my energy body.

-        My body is addicted to this.

-        It is in the highest good for me to ____.

-        A healthy choice for me in this moment is ____.

-        _____ will ______. As in Lisa will attend Shift in Costa Rica in May.