Shift Classes are a-la-carte online courses that cover bite-sized pieces of foundational Shift wisdom that you can implement in your life TODAY. Each class is a potent, yet accessible way for you to connect with the work that this tribe is doing right now without ever having to leave your home.

Classes begin at $99 and are yours yours to study and use at your own pace. 





When I lead a retreat, we circle up on day one and talk beliefs. When I coach with a new client, our first call is always about beliefs. When I dig deep and do my own personal work, you got it - I’m going straight to beliefs. 

Whether you are a seasoned spiritual seeker or new to the mindful life, this class has the lessons, exercises, meditations and affirmations that are still my mainstays for getting re-centered and reconnected. This is work I return to again and again in my own life, and it is as potent as it is effective for getting you back on track and feeling inspired and aligned.  

For years I have been walking coaching clients and retreat-goers through this foundational, transformative work, and now it is available in a 5-day class you can do right from your home. Each day offers a teaching, guided journal prompts, coordinating affirmations and a meditation to augment the radical shifts you’ll be making in your mind and life. 



Crystals are incredible storers and transmitters of information, and when put to proper use they can be valuable energetic helpers along our spiritual journeys. 

In this class, you'll learn easy, practical steps to utilizing crystals on sacred geometric grids. We walk you through choosing crystals to match your intention as well as the step-by-step instructions for building an intention-based grid that actually works. We've also added valuable and fun bonus content showing you other ways you can incorporate your crystals into your daily life. 





Meditation is the game-changer. Looking to feel more peaceful, more empowered and more joyful in your life? Look no further. This nourishing, impactful practice will change you from the inside out and help you fall in love with life. 

This week-long class is part one of a 3-part series and will teach you basic meditation practices for creating stillness in your mind and body. In this 7-day class, we will walk you through the first four of our 12 Core Meditation TechniquesThese include 1) open-focus, 2) relaxation, 3) heart-focus and 4) mantra meditation. Each will help you cultivate a practice of inner stillness and peace. 

The Core 12 are a collection of fundamental building blocks that you can use to create a new, customized practice for yourself each day. Each technique stands alone as a complete meditation or can be combined with others to create a unique, nourishing practice based on your daily needs and desires.

Aside from teaching fundamental meditation how-tos, this class will also broaden your understanding of the science of meditation and its effects on the brain and body. By the end of 7 days you will have a strong foundation in the how's and why's of meditation that you can use to shape your own stillness practice.


The intention behind Shift Classes

For the past four years I have been teaching transformational retreats in locations all over the world. Circle by circle, we have moved metaphorical mountains together amidst belly-shaking laughter and buckets of cleansing tears. I have watched you claim shifts that have changed your entire lives, and I have been honored and amazed by the way each of you have shown up and done the work. 

And yet for every one of you that joins the magic on retreat, I know there are hundreds more who are craving transformation in your everyday lives. You can’t make it to a retreat tomorrow, and it doesn’t feel in reach even in a year, but you need help today. You are spiritual seekers who believe shifting is possible, but you wish there was a way to get it at home. 

I hear you.

Which is why I have created a new series of offerings co-authored with Kayla Floyd: Shift Classes

I still deeply believe in the retreat experience, and if I could sit across from you today, I would encourage you to find a way to retreat from your life at least once a year in the name of personal growth. And yet I also understand that the work can and does happen in your day-to-day life as well. These classes are the bridge to facilitating that self-paced transformation. 

I adore and appreciate this tribe so immensely. Thank you for being with me on my own journey of personal growth and supporting me as I share it with all of you. It is truly an honor and a privilege to do this work. 

With love,


p.s Read more about the collaboration with Kayla here.