Shift Your Business

September 8 - 11, 2017

Wilbur hot springs
williams, california

Newsflash, Sweets: Your mindset is the most powerful tool in your business toolbox. It's time to start laying the spiritual foundation of your creative business.

Because once you have that foundation? Anything - and we mean anything - is possible. 

We know you want big things for yourself. And we know that your desire often manifests in the following ways:

+ saying yes to everybody around you only to find yourself overwhelmed, overcommitted, and overburdened

+ living consistently on the verge of burn out to the point that you no longer know how to relax

+ letting doubt and fear creep in to your every day life and start being the drivers of your decisions

+ being beholden by metrics like follower counts and revenue goals to the point that you forget your original intention behind starting this business of yours

+ letting obligation to what everyone else wants (and what they think you should be doing) inform your decisions to the point of resentment 

+ waking up one day to the realization that, while everything looks amazing on paper, you've gone down the rabbit hole of obligation and that this life - and business - that you've worked so hard to craft just isn't working

Or perhaps you're ready to go all in on your big vision, only to find yourself consistently paralyzed by possibility and overwhelmed at the many choices of which steps to take and when so that you continue to find yourself back at the starting line, exhausted by decisions that need to be made and bogged down in research and everyone else's good advice. 

You can take all the classes in the world and fill your toolbox with everyone else’s great advice of how to succeed, but if you aren’t in alignment with your intuition and your own personal definition of success, everything will fall flat.

 And that’s not the way we want to thrive, is it?


Welcome to the

Shift Your Business Retreat

a 4-day immersive, off the grid experience that will teach you how to connect with your intuition, let go of the old beliefs that are no longer serving you, and create alignment with a new definition of success - one that serves you and serves the world. 

Because just getting by isn't serving anyone. And even if you aren't sure how to make it happen or what it will look like, you know you're hungry for a Shift. 

You will walk away from this experience with the clarity you need to move forward. The conviction you've been craving to dive deep into your truth. And the confidence to put all the pieces together and execute those big dreams of yours. 

Why we created this:

Because we’ve been there ourselves and because we’ve seen our clients there.
Because we know that all of us have big things to do in this world.
And because we know what happens to a business when you invest time and energy into your spiritual wellness. 

Shift Retreat falls squarely in the "this shit works" category.
This is where you come home to your true self and the place where little steps add up to huge forever kind of changes. Shift is the place where you learn that change doesn't have to take time and rewriting your beliefs is one of the most powerful and worthy practices you'll ever invite into your life.

This is your opportunity to align who you are with your true purpose - the one unfettered by social media, expert advice, or everyone else's perception of the things you should be doing. 

This is your invitation into an empowered business and life. And we cannot wait to be your guides.

What to expect: 

We will meet daily as a group to meditate, talk, explore, write, rest, eat, relax, laugh, cry, heal and grow.

You’ll learn practical techniques and meditations to go deep within and to invite shifts so that you may know the truth of who you are and what you want for your business - and your life. You will take mindful steps to invite healing and freedom as you release old beliefs and move into new ways of thinking about possibility and how you define success. 

When you open up to this journey, you’ll learn how to listen to and connect with your intuition in ways that you’ve never experienced before. You’ll find joy. Serious, peaceful joy. You’ll redefine work so that it encompasses all of the things you do to run your business as well as the rituals and practices needed to help you connect back to your intuition and deeper knowing on a daily basis. You'll learn that self-care for the creative entrepreneur is so much more than pedis and bubble baths. That it is a non-negotiable part of what you must do to live your purpose and contribute fully to this world.

In addition to teachings from us, you’ll connect with other people who are on the path. You’ll feel tremendously loved and pampered by every detail.

This is a non-denominational retreat. Our work will transcend religious and cultural barriers.

It is ok if you’ve never meditated before and it is ok if you have an established meditation practice. Our meditations will bring you into deep states of consciousness. You will move energy and dislodge layers of old stagnation from within your body in a safe and loving environment. You will receive support both in the group and one-on-one with us.

The only prerequisite is your desire and willingness to shift. 

The Schedule: 

Friday, 9/8: Arrive by 1:30 pm.

2-4 pm: Opening Circle

5 pm: Welcome dinner

6-8 pm: Evening Session

Saturday, 9/9

8 am: Breakfast

9-11 am: Morning Session

Noon: Lunch

1-3:30 pm: Afternoon Session

5 pm: Dinner

6-8 pm: Evening Session

Sunday, 9/10

8 am: Breakfast

9-11 am: Morning Session

Noon: Lunch

1-3:30 pm: Afternoon Session

5 pm: Dinner

Monday 9/11

8 am: Breakfast

9-11 am: Morning Session

Noon: Lunch 

Checkout is at 1pm

Why us: 

We met on Instagram four years ago and have been on our own evolving spiritual and business journeys ever since. 

Tiffany Han is a writer, speaker, and teacher who helps highly-creative women define and find success on their own terms by stepping far beyond the confines of their comfort zones to the lives and businesses they really want. Her work over the past three years on her Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast and with her hundreds of clients and students has taught her that while there are strategic steps one can take to build success, it all starts with mindset. And everything is rooted in intuition, flow, and energy. This is her first in-person offering since 2013. 

Lacy Young is a retreat leader and meditation facilitator and the founder of Shift Retreats. Working with her involves a deep-dive into your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. The process is truthful, gentle and supportive. It gives you an opportunity to listen to your body, feel your feelings, find balance and realize a powerful sense of control. This is her first retreat specifically created to support the work of creative entrepreneurs and their purpose-driven work. 

Why Wilbur Hot Springs?

In short - it's the most gorgeous forced unplug you'll ever experience, completely off the grid, surrounded by nature, soaking in natural hot springs, eating gorgeous, nourishing food and going inward to find your truth and find out what you're really capable of. 

You'll have the capacity to shut out all of the noise and distractions of your every day life - and, let's face it: those things you use to numb yourself that are disguised as busy work - to focus your attention on yourself, your voice, and your greater knowing.

And if you think you can't possibly step away from work for 4 days, then you need this experience more than you realize.*

*and yes, a telephone is available to check in with family or in case of emergencies. But, no: email and social media are not included as emergencies. 

Lodging Options

The cost of the retreat covers our work together, 3 consciously prepared organic vegetarian meals daily, your choice of accommodations, and access to the hot springs and Wilbur grounds throughout the duration of your stay. The retreat investment also includes lovingly prepared retreat goodies and pre-retreat and follow-up group coaching sessions to help ease you into our experience and guide you through re-entry. 

Choose from shared or single rooms with prices ranging from $3,225 to $3,825 for the 3 nights and 4 days. 


All cabins feature a queen bed and half bath. Cabins are ideal for those wanting a private sanctuary space to decompress and integrate the work each day.

Private Cabin: $3,825


The Solar Lodge has 8 rooms which share two half bathrooms. Each private room features a full-size bed on the ground floor, and an additional full or twin-size bed in a sleeping loft, which is accessible by ladder. This room is ideal for those wanting a room mate.

Shared Solar Lodge Room: $3,225


Space is limited, so if you're ready to answer that call and find out what happens when you connect to your spiritual calling and tap into your deep well of creativity, apply. 

This is your chance to find out what happens when you decide to step beyond all of the noise into something deeper, to go running into the world, lightsaber held high, ready to take on the days and months and years of living out your one, precious life with as much courage as you can muster. And we cannot wait to create the space of your Shift.



I'm just a beginner at this woo stuff. Will I be totally lost?

Nope. If you feel called to do this work, you'll be right at home. All levels of meditation and spiritual practice are welcome.

Is there a payment plan? How do I lock down my spot?

Get started by completing our application. Once you're in, we'll email you a payment link to secure your spot with a $700 deposit. From there, payment plans are available for the remainder of your payment. 

Is my deposit/spot refundable?

Cancellation/ refund policy is very straight forward. Your deposit and payments are non-refundable.

I had a college professor (freshman Biology) once say that someone had purchased our pricey ticket to be in his class. He compared it to buying a ticket to see the Beatles perform at a sold out show saying that if we had that ticket we'd make damn sure we showed up for it. I've never forgotten that though I think a ticket to Beyoncé is a better metaphor these days. You bought the ticket to the killer show now find a way to get yourself there no matter what. You'll be so glad you did.

All that said, In some select instances I'll allow you to gift your spot to someone else. If you find yourself in a pickle, let's talk.

You said I'd be off-the-grid, but I'll still have wifi, right? 

Nope. No wi-fi, no tv, no cell service. Give yourself the gift of silence. We promise that you will not only survive, but that you'll also connect with so much more goodness that's available to you when everything else is quieted.

But how will my husband manage the kids/assistant manage the clients without me checking in all the time? 

Look, we know that you care deeply about your work and family. And we know it's hard to walk away from that. But we also know that there is great freedom in stepping away from your world for a few days and realizing that the sky didn't fall and that other people are capable of running the show for a few days. 

Will I have to get naked?

The hot springs are clothing optional, so you can undress to your comfort level. Metaphorically, yes. Our work will go deep to allow for the shifts we know are possible. 

Trust falls? 

Maybe. #wink

Are we going to be eating hippie food? Will there be coffee? Sugar? Booze?

All retreat meals will be lovingly prepared by our retreat chef, and we promise this: even if you aren't a vegetarian, you will be bowled over at how good the food is and nourished you feel. There will be coffee and tea, but we do ask that you refrain from sugar and alcohol for the duration of the retreat. Don't worry. You will be fine. 

What's the best airport to fly into?

Sacramento. Please plan to arrive by 1:30 pm on 9/8. Departure and check-out on Monday 9/11 will be at 1pm. Additional accommodations are available at Wilbur if you'd like to come early or stay late. 

Will we have time to explore Northern California while we're at the retreat?

Our retreat schedule is designed to help you have the most powerful experience possible in our few days together. If you'd like additional exploration time, we recommend adding a few days to your trip either before or after the retreat. 

Any other lingering q's? We invite you to apply (the process can be a profound experience) and let us know there. 


More about the springs

"Wilbur’s geothermal water contains three ounces of dissolved minerals per gallon and is entirely undiluted, untreated, and unheated—which is rare in North America. This concentrated salt solution not only provides a heavenly float in the water, it aids in the absorption of minerals through the skin by osmosis, while the alkaline pH makes skin feel silky and gently unclogs pores.

The minerals in the waters at Wilbur have positive therapeutic effects on skin diseases, asthma, neuralgia, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism and shoulder, neck, and wrist pains. They also have a detoxifying and mucolytic effect.

Sulfur has been used medicinally since ancient times and is contained in every cell in our bodies. Approximately 0.25% of our total body weight is sulfur. It is most concentrated in keratin, which creates strong hair, nails, and skin. It helps with skin elasticity which maintains youthful skin. Sulfur is a natural antiseptic and is said to encourage insulin production, thus it is indicated for diabetes according to balneology. Sulfur, silica, and metaboric acid are great for chronic skin ailments, as they tonify and moisturize skin. The most unique element of our geothermal water is lithium, which is the second smallest ion that can easily permeate the skin. It provides pain relief, eases depression, and promotes a deeper state of relaxation."