At Shift you connected to and amplified your light.

and my dear, there is only one thing to do with light. 

Let. It. Shine. 

I am inviting you to the graduation party for all those big bold Shifts you’ve had. I am calling you to step into the next level of your soul’s work. I am daring you to press up against the lightness of your being and see how high you can soar.


Shine is for you if:

  • You’ve tackled major energy blocks. You’ve cleared your closet of the biggest, scariest demons. You’ve had your Shift, and you’re ready for that next step.
  • Life doesn’t feel heavy to you anymore. It feels fun and exciting and actually full of a whole lot of possibility, and you desire a community to jam with about that possibility.
  • You have a regular meditation practice and you want to dive even deeper. The idea of alien energies or out of body experiences don’t weird you out anymore. They’re just normal dinner conversation. 
  • You’re turned on by the idea of moon-bathing crystals, sage-smudging bad energies and naked-soaking in magic water. 
  • You’ve coached with me. You’ve been on Shift retreats. You’ve bought the T-shirt and drank the green juice, and you’re patiently waiting for the sequel.
  • And most importantly, you’re fun. You’re free. You believe that life is supposed to be joyful and easy and that people are inherently good.

june 17-24, 2017

Blue spirit
Nosara, Guanacaste
Costa Rica

This retreat is by invitation only. You must have attended a Shift gathering to quality.

The cost of the retreat covers our work together; 3 consciously prepared organic vegetarian meals daily;  your room and select activities.

Please note transportation to and from the airport is not included.

This retreat is sold out. Please contact me here to be added to the wait list.



every wise culture knows that there are times when it is important to walk out in the desert or in the mountains, to go on retreat and listen. 

- Jack Kornfield

images via: Ashlie Woods