taking consistent inspired action in alignment with your desires becomes the foundation of the life you want.

in other words - this is where you invest in who you want to be (because you're totally worth it).


Beginning April 24th, this tried and true detox is an experiment where practical meets thoughtful. Together over 7 days we will create a powerful foundation for abundant health and compassionate self-care by celebrating small steps and big light bulb moments on the role that sugar plays in your life! 

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Shift, The Home Kit Monthly Subscription Program

Shift, The Home Kit is an easy and inexpensive way to stay connected to mindful living. Truth is, The Home Kit is the product I've always wanted for myself!

Read about Shift, The Home Kit here.

Looking for a particular subject? A la carte Home Kits are available for $27 each and always come with a downloadable meditaiton that is yours to keep.




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Shift, Shine and Sister Medicine 2017 Retreats

Shift Retreat | COSTA RICA, JUNE 10-17, 2017

Shift Retreat is where it all began and for those of you who are new to this work it's where you'll begin too.
It's tried and true.
Tested and retested.
Shift Retreat falls squarely in the "this shit works" category.
This is where you come home to your true self and the place where little steps add up to huge forever kind of changes. Shift is the place where you learn that change doesn't have to take time and rewriting your beliefs is one of the most powerful and worthy practices you'll ever invite into your life.
When I think Shift I think deeply meaningful, forever change that you get to keep.


Shine Retreat | costa Rica, june 17 - 24, 2017

After Shift comes Shine (and it's the very next week so if you're feeling like a double feature Shift + Shine is where it's at).
By the time you get to Shine you're the phoenix risen from the ashes. You've dusted yourself off, and you're ready for new levels of ease and flow. You’ve ditched being the victim, and you’re ready to fine tune your skills of master creation.
Shine is a celebration of all you learned and changed in Shift. We'll do some of your favorite meditations from Shift and then go into the realm of that "something more" that you're craving! You’ll learn how to use your own magic to conjure and create, and you’ll get real time practice.
When I think of Shine I see you beaming as you finally connect with your knowings and burst at the seams with giddy anticipation of putting it all to work in your life.

*You must have attended a Shift gathering to qualify for Shine.

Sister Medicine Retreat | Spain, OCT 14 - 21, 2017

Sister Medicine is about activating the mystic in each of us through the power of sacred circles. Through both in-person retreat work and remote group work, we guide spiritually-mature women through the process of engaging their superpowers and then harnessing that power to claim their magic once and for all. 
We're calling our first retreat Hearts On Fire for good reason. This is the place where you will be ignited and activated, where you will fall in love with your life and return home engulfed in divine light.
Hearts on Fire is a culmination of years of deep spiritual work. It is the next level of growth and expansion for the many souls who have transformed at Shift Retreats, who have activated in the Sister Medicine Sacred Circles, who have empowered in The Chakra System. This isn't for beginners. It is for spiritually-mature women ready to ignite a flame in their lives and stand tall in its radiant blaze. 

On-Demand Cleanses are coming soon! Stay tuned via the newsletter for more information.