This page is where packages are selected, payments are made and appointments are scheduled. Soul Care is a by invitation service. If you've not yet been invited to join Soul Care but are interested please get in touch here and we will set up a time to discuss the endless possibilities of our work together. If you have been directed to this page, please continue on!

I see you! You've taken the courses, and you're doing the work. You are a spiritual person consciously walking a spiritual path, and you desire support. You intuitively know there's a bigger force at work in your life and you appreciate having help to find your way  back to that point of center.

Within the safe container that is Soul Care we will explore new perspectives to move energy and get unstuck. I am passionate about your transformation and am honored to hold space for you to find ease, flow and clarity. So long suffering and confusion, hello Soul Care!





The Soul Care Experience | $2500

The next Soul Care Experience will run December 17, 2018 - march 17, 2019 and is enrolling now.

Soul Care is a deeply intimate and unparallaled offering. When you enroll in Soul Care you become a part of my meditations and life for the duration of our time together. With your permission I ask to receive messages and direction to assist in helping you move through your process and achieve your desired goals. This is the secret formula that has led to miracle level success stories and reports from clients of lives of "pervasive peace," "space inside" and "healing where I didn't even know I needed it".

Our combined intentions and focus over time are potent and powerful! I can not make any wild guarantees that every last one of your problems will be solved and all your dreams will come true in three months time but I can promise you that I will show up with my open heart, years of practice and gifts and be here with you every step of the way. Show up in kind with an open heart and willingness to change and I betcha we will make some magic together. 

Within the 3 month Soul Care Experience you receive:

  • Two one hour video conference calls monthly

  • Between session email support

  • Personalized recorded meditations

  • Dropbox file with session recordings

  • Snail mail love notes/ gifts

At the time of purchase, please schedule all six of your Soul Care Sessions scheduling one in December, two in January and two in February and one in March.

Please note that all six sessions must be used within the three month period.



Soul care spot treatments | $950

Spot Treatments are for returning clients who are craving a check in and doing some intentional creation work. They are also for times when you're experiencing a little bump in the road and could use a safe container to work through the energy or unwind knots. 

Within the Spot Treatment package you receive:

  • Three one hour video conference calls

  • Email support directly before and after sessions

  • Personalized meditations, card draws or additional intuitive guidance when appropriate for the matter we are coaching on

  • Dropbox file with session recordings

These sessions may be scheduled as needed and can be used anytime between November 2018 - September 2019. 



Single Soul Care Session | $375

For existing clients who would like a single call to move energy and create shifts. These single sessions are also appropriate for new clients who want to give coaching a try. Tremendous amounts of progress can be made in just one call, and it's a great way for us to get to know one another. 

With this call you receive: 

  • One call up to sixty minutes via video conference

  • Dropbox file with session recordings

  • One follow up email

Coming in 2019: The Soul Care Intensive. For those who crave serious change through quality time.