You know it, you love it - the Sweet Surrender Sugar Detox is here!

Join me in taking sugar out and adding sweetness into your life! This course is a transformative 7-day experience where you will take small but mighty steps to get refined sugar out of your diet along side a warm and supportive community of friends from around the globe!

I hope to see you there!

The feedback over the years from the course has been amazing! Read what some of the past participants are saying:

Lacy, it has been five years since my first sugar detox with you! You told me that it wasn't if I would change but when and to be patient with myself. It took me over a year to understand what you meant but I heard you in my head often reminding me to be patient. I have done the Sweet Surrender Sugar Detox every time you've offered it (and always will). Even though we have never met in person and have never worked together 1:1 I want you to know that your detox has changed my life. Your course helped me drop 47 pounds and counting, I stopped taking my blood pressure and cholesterol meds and sugar cravings no longer rule my life. - Sam

I never realized how much sugar was a "drag" on my natural and true self until doing this detox. I am taking more pause in my life before picking up something to eat and asking myself what is motivating that urge. I did this detox while traveling and working a trade show for my job. Historically, these shows have been a challenge for me on many levels. Physically, emotionally, etc. and not an aspect of my work that I necessarily look forward to. However, this one has been different and it no doubt has much to do with this detox (I also credit my experience at Shift in Costa Rica this past May!!). I have not been nearly as tired, my mood has been consistently "up" and I have engaged with customers and other vendors here like never before. I have seen value in giving time and smiles to every person I meet, saying hello, thank you and "have a nice day" to our taxi drivers and the nice Mart workers opening the doors for us as we enter and exit the building. As a result it has been effortless to remember to do this and I do it with authenticity. Thank you Lacy and thank you to everyone in the group for the support! - Molly

I am so blown away by the shift from this detox. I've been unable previously to sit with the emotions that drive my binging and emotional eating. However, this experience forced me to acknowledge and be present in my emotions. At first, it was almost unbearable, but now it's becoming more and more ok. I'm not setting any expectations or making any promises --- just offering myself the opportunity to show up. Thank you for your support and facilitation of this process. It's far from over, but it's all ok. Always. Mindfully, - Lindsay

I honestly can’t believe how much lasting change I was able to make (it went by so fast). The Sweet Surrender course was exactly what I needed at the exact right time. Not only was I able to lose my cravings for sugar, it helped me become consciously aware of how much I had been using sugar to numb myself. Lacy was able to give me the insight and tools to side-step some of the emotional traps that had been feeding my sugar cravings. I went into the course thinking I was going to have to “give stuff up” and feel deprived, but I happily discovered that was not the case. This course is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Nita

Very happy that this hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. I love that I am reading labels and learning things that I didn’t pay attention to before. Love reading the posts. Thanks everyone! - Angela

Today I felt like superwoman. I popped out of bed (alarm clock free) at 6:45, threw in two loads of laundry (which for me, means going to the laundry mat), took my dog for a 45 minute walk, cleaned my house, made + ate breakfast, and went to the grocery store all before my 9:45shift at work! - Anika

…there is no doubt that I will have gained so much more than my intentions at the onset. I want YOU to know how amazing YOU are – your common sense wisdom is beyond words. Your blogs each day appear to have been written solely for ME! - Priscilla

This detox has been a blessing for me, an awakening that I needed at this time. I have been going thru peri-menopause for years now and can typically tell when I am going to start by my mood swings and five to six lb water weight gain. Well, I had no symptoms at all this past week (not even a craving for chocolate!) and have even lost 5 lbs so this makes good food choices even bigger in my world! - Lynn

Lacy! This cleanse has been so impactful. The very best part for me has to hone my mindful skills. It feels so good to make choices rather than just do the thing I would ordinarily do. I still have work to do surrounding emotional eating and cravings. But, I feel like I at least have the upper hand now. The fact that the cleanse was 21 days gave me true results! I'm going for 66 days before I even consider inviting sugar back in. I released a couple of pounds!! Thanks for crafting such a powerful cleanse. Love and hugs! - Laura

Lacy thank you so much for this. It really has given me the kick start I needed to get back into healthy eating habits. I feel better and have started losing weight. Gratitude - Jean

Everything DOES taste so much better. Not only that, but if I can say I’m craving anything, it’s all the fresh and delicious fruits and veggies out there. Honestly, right now, I would choose those over some sugary treat! - Brenda

Tonight I cooked a healthy and tasty meal. Seriously, I have never been able to say that before. …Cooking just has never been one of my talents, but I think that just changed : ) …Pretty cool! - Vicki

…No cravings. That blows me away, really. Have I just been talking myself into “needing” sugar all this time?? Feeling strong this morning. Loving this forum and all you awesome people on this journey! - Lisa


• Your sweet tooth is the boss of you.
• Your will power went right out the window the minute the cupcake truck pulled up (grab me a Red Velvet, mmmkay!)
• You need a little something (coffee, tea, etc) to get you through that 2 pm slump.
• You feel like you need something sweet after meals.
• You are struggling to lose extra lb’s.
• You just KNOW that it’s time to change and sugar needs to go.

Then this is just for you!

7-Day Detox:

Sweet Surrender is an experiment where practical meets thoughtful. Together over 7 days from April 24 - April 30 we will create a powerful foundation for abundant health and compassionate self-care by celebrating small steps and big light bulb moments on the role that sugar plays in your life!

Online Course:

You will receive daily emails to direct you the to Sweet Surrender course page. There is a Facebook community filled with others who are participating. It’s a space for sharing + connection throughout the journey!

You Receive:

• Daily experiments, to-do’s + inspiration in your inbox each day.
• An invitation to the private community space on Facebook.
• Oodles of support + encouragement!