Together we are mighty!

Join me for Togetherness Tuesday Jan - March 2019

Why this? Why now? 
Everything is cyclical. I’ve been hearing the whisper to return to groups in my meditations for months. In an effort to stay with the energy (instead of ahead of it) I’ve listened, noted the information when it arrived, watched and waited. 
Recently three people who I just adore wanted to do Soul Care but it was financially out of reach. I always pay extra attention to things that occur in 3’s. Their requests for something affordable with a regular connection have been heard.

Who is this for?
Those who either run or are building a small business. Ideally, you know the importance of simplicity and the peace that is available when we embrace the less is more, fewer-better mantra.

There is a call to share collective creative energy that is going to support you in the coming chapters of your work in the world. I have been offered a glimpse into how I may facilitate a safe space that can provide a creative spark to ignite within you.

When does it begin? 

The group begins January 8 and meets every Tuesday* through March 26. Twelve meetings over three months.

*Except for one day in March when I will be officiating my brothers' wedding so our call will be moved to Wednesday that week.

Here are the dates: Jan 8, 15, 22, 29. Feb 5, 12, 19, 26. March 6 (the only Wednesday). March 12, 19, 26. Each call will begin promptly at at 5 pm PST/ 8 Eastern.

What's the structure?

Calls will be 75 minutes via Zoom Video Conference. You may choose to join via audio if that feels more comfortable or convenient for you. The first 15-ish minutes will be a guided meditation followed by teaching, discussion and coaching. Think of it as a mini Shift Retreat session. Expect smart conversation, introductions to new teachings, expansion on well-loved teachings, accountability, and a safe space filled with high-vibrational energy. 

What's the cost + commitment?

The cost is $150 per month or $425 pre-pay to receive a discount. Togetherness Tuesday is a 3-month financial commitment and there are no refunds.

You may attend sessions as your schedule allows though if you do not attend you are still expected to honor the 3-month financial commitment. All meditations and sessions will be available to you via audio recording on a private page on my website. 

There is no between call email support. This is a closed group meaning new people will not be allowed to join part-way through. 

Once enrolled you will receive a welcome with an invitation to share any intentions you have for the group.

You are so loved. May your heart be strengthened as you move through the remainder of this year. I hope to see you and support you through Togetherness Tuesday in 2019!

On a personal note:
I can tell you that I am currently doing some deep releasing and study as we journey through Thailand and Vietnam. It’s going to be a powerful time to share the energy and the spirit of openness that I have been cultivating in preparation for the work ahead.

Also, helpful to know where logistics are concerned, I will be in a town where the wifi is very good and many traveling entrepreneurs work and report ease of connection.     
When you join me for Togetherness Tuesday expect to be seen, heard and loved. 
I’m here for any other questions you may have. 
I love you,