taking consistent inspired action in alignment with your desires becomes the foundation of the life you want.

in other words - this is where you invest in who you want to be (because you're totally worth it).


Creating Intention-Based Crystal Grids


Shift, The Class are a-la-carte online courses that cover bite-sized pieces of practical mysticism that you can implement in your life TODAY. Each class is a potent, yet accessible way for you to connect with the work that this tribe is doing right now without ever having to leave your home.

Each class is only $99 and yours to study and use at your own pace. And even better, our first class, Creating Intention-Based Crystal Grids, is available today for the introductory price of *$47!
*This class will be offered for $99 beginning in 2018.

Crystals are incredible storers and transmitters of information, and in this class, you'll learn easy, practical steps to utilizing them on crystal grids with love and intention for the highest good (plus some other fun bonus content!)


Shift, The Home Kit Monthly Subscription Program

Shift, The Home Kit is an easy and inexpensive way to stay connected to mindful living. Truth is, The Home Kit is the product I've always wanted for myself!

Receive every issue since July 2016 through the end of this year for $250. After December 2017 the Home Kit shop will go away forever and you will no longer be able to purchase a la carte issues. 

Shift, The Home Kit A La Carte

Looking for a particular subject? A la carte Home Kits are available for $27 each and always come with a downloadable meditaiton that is yours to keep.


AUGUST 8-12, 2018

It's tried and true.
Tested and retested.
Shift Retreat falls squarely in the "this shift works" category.
This is where you come home to your true self and the place where little steps add up to huge forever kind of changes. Shift is the place where you learn that change doesn't have to take time and rewriting your beliefs is one of the most powerful and worthy practices you'll ever invite into your life.

The change is real, it's yours and you get to keep it. 

Read more about Shift here.


... is very straight forward. Your retreat deposit and payments are non-refundable.

I had a college professor (freshman Biology) once say that someone had purchased our pricey ticket to be in his class. He compared it to buying a ticket to see the Beatles perform at a sold out show saying that if we had that ticket we'd make damn sure we showed up for it. I've never forgotten that though I think a ticket to Beyoncé is a better metaphor these days. You bought the ticket to the killer show now find a way to get yourself there no matter what. You'll be so glad you did.

All that said, In some select instances I'll allow you to gift your spot to someone else. If you find yourself in a pickle, let's talk.