What if your beliefs about yourself and your life were the only thing holding you back from living a life you love?

And what if shifting one little belief...about your body, your career, your family, your past...could knock over the domino that unleashes total freedom and pure freakin' joy? 

We've seen it happen. Again and again. 


Thank you for creating this powerful course!!

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"First of all Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for creating this powerful course!! You ladies are incredible! My heart is bursting with love and energy because of the lessons you shared and I am so grateful! 

At the beginning of this course, I wrote in my journal that I based my self worth on what others thought of me. If they liked me I must be good if they didn't like me I must be a terrible person. I became a reflection of what [I imagined] they thought of me. I was  like a leaf blown along by the wind, reacting to the positive and negative energy around me.

I am happy now. I am grateful now. I choose to be joyful and appreciate the little moments that make my heart sing.   I have started to see things in a new way. I feel a calm and stillness inside that I want to cultivate and keep alive. 

My biggest take away is to BE PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS to live fully and completely each and every moment because I don't know what lies ahead. None of us do. I am grateful for the now and I want to continue this work so I don't lose this new perspective."

 - MB


Do you believe you can change?

Beliefs are the lens through which we view our world, and when we switch out the lens, suddenly things that were once blurry and distorted come into focus. We transform from being victims of our lives to master creators. We abandon suffering of the mind to live the joy right here in front of us. 

Thankfully, this isn't rocket science. It isn't even the least bit fancy. It's basic, foundational and in our opinion, crazy necessary for living the kind of life most of us want to live. A happy, balanced, abundant one full of love, laughter and lots of those little drink umbrellas. 

But first, you have to believe you can change. And we can help you get there. 


Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.
— Henry Ford


Why Belief Class?

We're going to give it to you straight. This is the work you can't afford not to do. 

Because, dare we say it? We think you deserve to be happy. 

Living a life with your beliefs unexamined is like willingly walking around with a blindfold on grumbling about not being able to see. You get to choose! Just take the damn blindfold off, right?


Belief Class is the roadmap to discovering what it actually feels like to be YOU. The real you. Not the one that's been shellacked with layers of your parents' beliefs and your boss's expectations and your neighbors' judgements and your exes' opinions. 

It's the work we've turned to again and again, whether in teaching others or re-centering in our own lives, and if there's anything we know for sure, it's that this shit works. Truly.


I'm healthier and happier in this moment than I have been in my life and it's getting better every day.

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"Lacy and Kayla, you two are dynamos. This course was full of so much incredible information. I'm becoming more aware of when I'm on autopilot, when the victim is trying to step in front of me, and most of all I'm getting better at following the feel-good bread crumbs. I can feel my creativity blossoming again and my heart opening so much - I compare this to how I felt at the beginning of the year and I don't even recognize that self. I love her so much for starting with small steps (literally, walking on my lunch break because that's when I had the time to do it was a huge "little" step) and gradually making larger changes and adjustments and following those crumbs to now (and going forward). I'm healthier and happier in this moment than I have been in my life and it's getting better every day."
- JS


But I have to do more work?

Isn't life hard enough?

Well, first of all, that's a belief. (See, we're already going all belief police on you.)

But we get it. Transformational work isn't for everyone.

It isn't for those who are content to suffer.

It isn't for those who don't want to upset the status quo.

And it definitely isn't for those who aren't willing to put in a little time in the stillness with themselves. 

Living a happy, fulfilled life is a choice. (Yep, a choice.) And it's up to you how you want to choose. 


Change the way you see things and the things you see will change.
— Dr. Wayne Dyer

Who is Belief Class for?


Belief Class is absolutely, 100% for those who: 

  • Want to feel more lightness, freedom and joy in their everyday lives;

  • Are ready to make lasting change in the direction of total freaking bliss;

  • Are willing to discover the ease and fun of basic, loving meditation;

  • Believe they deserve to live a life they love.


This class isn't a bunch of esoteric mumbo jumbo. It's practical, no-nonsense work that will lovingly slap you out of the trance you've been living in. Belief Class is your wake-up call. And we think you're going to love what it feels like to be awake.


I feel more like myself than before.

Belief ClassTestimonial-2.png

"Thank you so much for offering this course, I could tell right away that this was money well spent. I feel like this is only the beginning for me. I loved so many things about this course, some of my favorites were killing the victim, what an awesome exercise, also dropping the story, that just feels good to have been given permission to do so, I love being able to just let it go.

Prior to the course I wasn't feeling like myself, feeling a little underwhelmed, tired, noticing a lack of my usual creativity and lightness, definitely feeling some stuck energy and I am thankful for the tools learned to change that around. I had only used meditation in the past prior to sleep or in savasana.  Morning meditation is exciting and something I now look forward to excited to wake up in the morning to meditate, it has made my morning routine flow with more ease.

I am excited to continue on with regular meditation and everything learned here, I feel more like myself than before, I am more aware, I feel lighter and I feel chills more often like my body is more alive."

- HG

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.


What does Belief Class cover?

In this class you'll find 5 days of self-paced lessons, journal prompts, affirmations and meditations guiding you through potent and effective belief work.

  • Day One: Do You Believe You Can Change? - A deep-dive into your current beliefs and how they are limiting or serving you in your life. We walk you through identifying what you want to believe and introduce meditation as a tool to connecting with those desires.

  • Day Two: You Are Not A Victim - An intense day of cutting cords, letting go of stories and trashing beliefs that are no longer serving you. We offer one of our favorite exercises for moving from victimized to empowered.

  • Day Three: The Secret Ingredient Is Love - The true crux of belief work is getting into the heart, and this day is all about loving yourself and finding your motivation for change. Prepare to feel inspired and truly seen.

  • Day Four: Creating Affirmations That Work - We offer comprehensive affirmation training including step-by-step guidance in crafting affirmations that align with your new beliefs. You will leave with a firm grasp on what you believe and how to effectively reinforce it in your life.

  • Day Five: A Commitment To Change - The final day of the class is dedicated to a longterm look at belief work in your life. We celebrate the shifts you've made and offer help for keeping up the work.



What if I don't have time?

First of all...BELIEF!!

Okay, okay, we get it. You're still operating under your old beliefs about your life and your busy schedule, and we honor that you, in fact, might truly be really, really busy. And to that we'll throw you a bone. 

This class is self-paced. (Cue streamers and confetti cannon.)


Yep. That means you can do it on your own time. Whenever that time arises. 

While we've divided it into five wonderfully curated days for your transformational pleasure, you can take as long as you want to complete this class. Perhaps you do one lesson every other day. Maybe you decide to tackle it week by week. The point is - you get to decide!

Our teaching portal is available for you to log into you whenever you like, and the class is yours to come back to whenever inspiration strikes.

Let this be easy! But also make a commitment to do the work. 


Belief ClassTestimonial-2.png

You have really inspired me.

"Thank you for helping me come back home into my own body. There is no where else I would rather live. God bless you both for holding and creating this space. You have really inspired me."



What can I expect after Belief Class?

Put simply, you can expect to feel better! Our past students have reported feeling: 

  • Clearer about who they are and what they want

  • Lighter and more at peace in their lives

  • Less stressed and more energized

  • Inspired and creatively flowing

  • More confident meditating

  • More connected with their joy

  • Less depressed and much happier

  • Centered and sure



FAQ About Belief Class

How much is Belief class?

Belief Class is $149. And priceless in the value it will bring to your life!

What happens when I sign up?

When you sign up you'll receive an email informing you that you have purchased a product that includes a digital download. The digital download is a pdf document that contains a url and password for the class. You must download that document (which contains your login info) within 24 hours of purchasing the class. We recommend saving it to your desktop or writing the login info somewhere you'll remember it. Once you have that downloaded, you have as long as you need to login to the class! No worries! It's not going anywhere and will be waiting for you! 

How long do I have to complete Belief class?

There's no time limit on how long you have to complete the work. While we have set the lessons up over a suggested 5-day period, Belief Class is entirely self-paced. You can take as much or as little time as you like between lessons, and you can pick back up where you left off whenever you like. Likewise, you don't have to begin right away. The only step that is time sensitive is downloading the pdf within 24 hours of purchase containing your login information. 



We believe in you.

Isn't it time to shake things up? Time to choose truth and courage and fun and love? We think so. 

Look, you can do this. We have been facilitating this work for years for hundreds of people, and if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that when you're ready for big transformation you call into your life exactly what you need. And if you're here, chances are this class was masterly manifested by none other than you. 

Take the ride. Believe the vision. Find you. 

We're rooting for you! Big time. 


Please note that all classes are non-refundable.