Ideas vs. Knowing

Ideas vs. Knowing

My friend and first coach, Anthony and his girlfriend Kristin (who is also a coach) visited over Christmas. We spent three days talking and going deep into what each of us believe, are working on and sharing our favorite tools for healing. It was QUALITY time. One of the topics that most resonated with me was Ideas vs. Knowing.

Claim Your True Self

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There is a magic that unfolds when people come together with open hearts and honor the strong impulse to claim their TRUE self!

There have been two Shift retreats so far and with each a community was born. I've watched in awe as compassion comes flooding out of each of us.

Shift is a support system and a precious tribe that continues far beyond anything I could offer in a guided meditation or physical gathering. I see these beautiful people who were once strangers meeting up for weekends, going on trips together and chatting on the daily. There is so much power in knowing each others stories and then transcending them together. 

Are you ready to shift?

Shift Happens

Life can come in waves. Sometimes is washes over you or takes you down so quickly you don't have time to process what happened. 

Hold yourself tenderly through the moments when you've been taken down. And ride the wave in times when you're in the flow. You'll know you're there because everything feels effortless and you find yourself getting the chills because Things.Are.Amazing!

That is REAL life. 
That is alignment. 
This human experience is about drawing ever closer to our true selves free from the ego, the burden of perceptions, chatter and noise. It's also about inviting faster recovery times when we get swept under. 
Meditation is the tool - This is how you create your life. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Hold it so close. It's all perfect, and it's uniquely made for you.

Find your sacred circle and join us (! It will be a time of rich discovery and a whole lotta exploration.

Intro to Lacy

Hi-ya! So many new friends here so I thought I'd properly introduce myself. I'm Lacy! I'm a health coach and I lead meditation and healing gatherings called Shift Retreats.

I believe we all deserve to be seen and feel amazing in our skin. We are not victims of our bodies. We are powerful creators with the privilege of choice. I'm passionate about Shifting perspectives and helping folks make choices that are in alignment with their desires. I'm told I'm really good at it. 

I’m proud to say at 36, I love myself. I am at peace with food and happy in my skin. I LOVE real food and eating simply, and I wake up every day with one goal, to fall in love with life.

Some profoundly great, sometimes painful but totally worth it work has led to this place in my life and fueled my path in healing and wellness. In short, my story has led me here and in this moment your story has too. I am so glad that you’re here!