A Wilderness Story

Sunday Cliff and I went for a hike. 
It started all leisurely... stopping to take pictures of ourselves.
Cliff took pictures of flowers

and butterflies.

I took pictures of the landscape 
and of Cliff

and more butterflies. 
Until we came across a little pond and some very loud croaking sounds-
So we headed down to investigate.  Pretty sure it was frogs... but we never did actually see one.

Leaving the trail to investigate the pond lead to walking through a meadow.
Which lead to a very slanty hill.
Which lead to Cliff having to use the compass on his i phone to figure out how to get us back to the trail...   
Which lead to us climbing up a 45 degree brush covered MOUNTAIN at which point I decided I was no longer having fun. If there was an audio to go with this photo you'd hear words my dad uses in traffic. 

And this face sums it all up perfectly.  I was literally grabbing the roots of the shrubs to pull myself up and then stepping on the base of that plant to grab the next one.

A little over 3 hours later we made it out of the wilderness and back to the trail and headed straight home to shower and hope to god we were not covered in poison oak.  

Note to self:  next time we go out for a leisurely hike dress less like I'm headed to yoga and more like my mountain husband with long pants, proper boots and floppy sun protection hat.