Call me a gold digger!

We are home from the cabin! I hoped to post while there but there was NO SIGNAL (one of the many reasons why it's called the cabin).

We dug for gold, picked blackberries and ate them right off the prickly little vine, cut firewood (I got to operate the splitter), went to the river, met the neighbors and did a tomato tasting from her organic garden, saw deer and wild turkeys close up... it was just good wilderness fun!

Here are a few highlights!
Panning for gold in the creek that runs through the property.
No luck and this is seriously back breaking work! I suppose one gold nugget and you'd forget all about your aching back.

Um yeah who knew Cliff was a rock star gymnast! One of my fave things is all the new stuff we continue to learn about each other. We cut this tree up for firewood the next day so I was so glad we got to play on it before it became lots of logs. Thank you Mr. Tree.

We met the neighbors and they had us over for a tomato tasting from her organic garden. Their home and property is AMAZING, it backs right up to the river. Cliff's family has owned the cabin property for as long as I've been alive ('79 was a good year). For the past several years Cliff has known the neighbors via phone but never in person so we put an end to that, said proper hellos and had the best time! Good neighbors just can't be beat and I am one of those old fashioned girls who likes to know my neighbors, borrow a cup of sugar, that kind of thing. :)

Cliff and I cleaned up the cabin HUGE and I found this old broth and molasses in the cabinet. I love the labels so I just dusted them off, snapped a photo and put them right back in the cabinet (definitely won't be eating them though).
Down at the river. The water was cold but a refreshing break from the 100 degree heat. It was pretty low so there was definitely no swimming but we waded around to our hearts content.

This horse cracked me up. He was up on this stump 50% of the times we drove by him so I had to have a picture. I wonder if he's stretching or he just likes the view from up there?
Hope the view was wonderful from your stump today!