Go To Mendo!

A week ago I arrived back in San Jose.  The next day we drove to the Mendocino coast for some much anticipated reunion time!  I've always wanted to visit Mendocino and there could not have a been a better place for re-entry post Hawaii!  It was so comforting to be right back on the coast looking out over the beautiful Pacific!

There's an amazing vegan cafe in Fort Bragg!  You should have seen my face when I saw that I was going to get in my daily green juice!  I said a thank you right then and there... I always have everything I need!

After collecting sea glass in Hawaii it was C R A Z Y to visit Sea Glass beach and see it EVERYWHERE!  The whole notion of a sea glass beach was so romantic to me until we discovered that it is in existence b/c for the better part of 60 years people were dumping their trash down a shoot directly into the ocean.  It is really a sight to see all that glass sparking on the beach!  From trash came beauty.

The Mendo coast has some amazing wine tasting! I learned more at this tasting room then all the wine tastings I've ever done!  It was completely fascinating!

Cliff and I agree that we've never been on a trip as magical and completely satisfying as this one.  It was totally worth the wait.

Our pocket full from the beach <3  We were told that red and blue are the most sought after glass colors and that some collectors pay $100 per red!  I was so excited to find a yellow, Cody brought back a yellow from his spring break trip to the Big Island but I never found on on Oahu!

Sunset view from our patio at the Albion River Inn.

Dinner at the Little River Inn

This was the view from our room! I loved this place so much.  No TV, just a fireplace, tub for two and a king sized bed that felt so decadent after 2.5 months on an air mattress!

We are rolling out for Texas today!  I'm looking forward to sharing stories from the road with you!

Lots of love!