Happy Birthday Cliff!

Birthdays in my family have always been special. I'm talking S P E C I A L! The day you were born the whole world changed, a women became a mother, a man became a father and all of a sudden you had your whole life in front of you. Today is my love's birthday and it goes without saying that I am so glad he was born BUT I don't like to go without saying because then you miss out on opportunities to say super nice things about people.

Cliff, my love, Happy Birthday!

Look at this happy flying face! You come alive when you fly. All things seem conquerable and possible when you're up there. One of my favorite places to be is beside you in an airplane, that magnificent juxtaposition of feeling so small and humbled and on top of the world and free. I want that for you today on your birthday and leading into this next year... may you feel empowered and inspired to continue on your journey. May you feel brave and strong as you continue to build Clifftech and nurture the inventor within. May you feel loved and safe as we come together each night to decompress in each others arms.

Thank you for being Y O U. Y O U are one of my very favorite people...Like, ever! I love you. Happiest of happy days!....................................................................your lacy

This is the perfect accompaniment to today... big alligator tears when I first saw this.

"...it's Mukhtar's, a bus-driver in Copenhagen, Birthday. In 2010 he had no idea that a large group of people had planned to celebrate him..."

It's always worth it to celebrate people who make a difference in your life!
Hoping that you feel as loved as Mukhtar on your next birthday! I'm off to make Cliff feel that loved today on his.