life's a zoo!

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Yesterday we visited the Houston ZOO!  Feeding the Giraffes was THE highlight of the day!

Remember when we were kids in school and they'd ask which animal you wanted to be... I was always a giraffe which made perfect sense to me since I was taller than everyone in the class. I have loved giraffes for as long as I can remember.

There were so many amazing looking birdies but they always get a little less press than the larger 'cooler' animals (case in point... I don't remember what this blue beauty was called).  Best bird moment of the day was watching a vulture roll her egg over sticks until she got in in just the right place and then placed it between her claws and sat down.  All while dad was on watch.

We saw some wildlife we weren't expecting... ; ) And so many gorgeous jellies.  They're graceful little bad asses of the sea. The California sea lions were cleaner and less smelly than the Cali sea lions we're used to seeing at the beach. Signs of the good life with on demand fresh flowing water. We dressed for the heat and happy to say were completely successful in our safari gear. Awesome day! Still excited about feeding the giraffes! It's so fun to get out and explore our new city!