Monday Monday

Hello Monday and hello everyone!

Currently all the water is shut off for repairs to the main line or something like that. All I know is that I appreciate being able to flush the toilet, wash my hands, etc and you never know just how much you appreciate those things until you turn on the faucet and nothing happens. It is set to be off ALL day today and from 9 am tomorrow too. That poses a challenge for getting ready for my interview tomorrow. hmmm... I shall deal with that later.

It was a marvelous weekend of relaxing and puttering around the house. Kallie was here to visit and she and Emily took the sweetest photo with a sleeping Panda kitty. I don't know if there is anything sweeter then a sleeping kitten (or a sleeping baby anything for that matter).

Cliff and I spent a good part of the weekend strategizing for Clifftech and dreaming about vacations we want to take (that stuff usually goes hand in hand, 1. success with clifftech leads to 2. fabulous travels). We have our first trade show for Clifftech at the end of this month so we are working on a logo and collateral odds and ends for the event. I am starting to get really excited about the potential of this trade show.

I love traveling with Cliff. He delights in travel even in the airport phase which I usually just endure. One of our favorite things to do is dream about, plan about, talk about all the places we want to go. The coolest part about that for me is that when we talk about it I feel like we give birth to the possibility and it starts to live and breathe in our life... so it's no longer a matter of if it will happen but when!

On the list of late... the Amazon Canopy

photo found here via flickr

New Zealand! We plan to rent a plane and fly all over (especially over the fjords)! It comes in handy having a pilot in the family.

photo found here via flickr

Speaking of flying. I just saw that LA wants to go on a hot air balloon ride!
For LA: You can fly in Cali!

These are from 2007.
The day after we got engaged here we went for a hot air balloon ride here and then went wine tasting with my shiny new love bling!
Yeah it was as mushy gooshy romantic magical as it sounds.
in flight
after the flight
our shadow
the inside of our balloon getting ready to be filled with hot air (oh the potential for so many jokes but I will refrain)
The balloon that went up before ours

Tasting over looking the vineyard with my new ring! That was such a great weekend. Thanks LA for blogging which then prompted me to go skipping down memory lane!

Enjoy your running water today!

ps. and thanks Little Red for becoming my 16th follower! Let's be friends, ok!? I have always wanted to come to Australia and I had an Australian pen pal when I was a kid. ; ) It's not you is it? Just kidding.
I am delighted to see that # grow! I love sharing with you guys and feeding my blogger brain and it tickles me when I see that someone new wants to read my happy little blog!

THANKS all my beautiful (and handsome) readers!