Much to do Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

It's going to be a great week round here!

Tuesday is the Sugar Blues talk! Sugar Blues is for anyone who is constantly craving sweets, wants to understand why and gain control without feeling deprived! As a gal who


her sweets (you saw the cookie) this topic is close to my heart and I am here to tell you from experience there is life after sugar cravings! It will be at 6 pm PST (8 pm Central). RSVP to and I will send you the info for the conference call.

The cool thing about living so close to the beach is that we can get away for a few hours and it makes a world of difference for us both! Being able to wriggle our toes in the sand is in both of our best life scenarios and we are always working on best life, abundant life, happiness round here. :)

Here are a few from our most recent lunch on the beach getaway.

El-lo lov-ah!

This was our first time at this beach. Isn't the old boat crazy cool!
It will littered with pelicans and sea gulls!

Exploring under the pier to find...

these little guys growing! They are scary looking like they wanna eat your face. lol But really I did expect them to open up and snap at me.

and these actually quite beautiful slimey guys growing.

Hope you have a great day and I'd love to have you on the call tomorrow!
xxoo and a side of sand between your toes (even on a Monday)