Over the river and to the woods!

This weekend we did what we love most... got in the car and hit the road! This time we had a destination in mind, Big Basin Redwood Forest for a hike. My feet have the blisters to prove it. Must get new hiking shoes...I still really want these.

Winding, winding, winding roads and time to take pictures mean it's going to be a good day!

We arrive! Map acquired, let's go!
Hat = check, sunglasses = check, Clifftech straps on pack = check!

Lesson #1 in the forest, LOOK UP!

Because there's cool looking stuff up there!

Along the way we find clear open paths,

Super duper humongous trees (this one makes me think of elephant toes, I donno it just does),

an enchanting little waterfall that I really wanted to climb down to and jump in,

stumps that wanted to be climbed on,

and delicate little bendy trees that didn't mind being hung off of.

There's so much to discover out there.
We are totally hiking pros ; )

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend!
Here's to a new week!