I'm on my 6th day of trying out being vegetarian. Another food experiment and I'm loving watching the journey unfold in my body. :) Isn't life one big food experiment if you think about it! I make so many recommendations to my health coaching clients and I love being able to speak from experience about what has and hasn't worked for me. Understanding full well that one person's food is another person's poison is reason enough to try out things I never thought I'd do and see how it feels in my body.

I'm headed to an Ayurveda appointment with my friend Jen. I am one of her externship clients and I have to tell you the more I learn about Ayurveda the more it makes a LOT of sense!

I'm determined to rearrange our patio downstairs and add some plant life and good details to the patio upstairs! It's patio weather and the cobwebs and leaves have got to go! I'll take some before and after picts to show ya.

I am planning for a beach day tomorrow to a new beach we found and are in LOVE with!

So we see a few cars but no sign or beach access and think COOL a new beach to explore!

We park and get out walk through some brush to see this:

And we are thinking -cool a little hike down to the beach. Neat. So we walk and walk and walk and find...
Ropes tied to tree roots and now we're committed so we start climbing down. And let me tell you the picture does not do the incline justice. So maybe this will give you a better picture...


And then we arrive to a big beautiful sand dollar filled beach!
The sand is perfectly squeaky under foot and we were 2 of 6 people on the entire beach.
It. Is. Amazing.
My beach walking finds.

Here's to long weekends and

the perfect beach pillow and

love in nature.

Wishing you an amazing 4th of July weekend! Go out there and do some exploring!