Plum Island

One day soon I will live a life on the beach!  I've said it my entire life, I want to live at the beach.  As it is now I live about 45 minutes from the coast and it's too far away.  We don't get there near enough (in my mind) but when we do it's ultimate peace.  After last week and the journey to Boston and back I learned and was reminded of so very much about me, about life and that it's actually NOW!  I love travel for that very reason!

I've rearranged the cabinets and the fine china that I've used twice in 11 years is now getting used EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  The good silver and crystal too.  No more waiting for special occasions.  Every day is a special occasion!  It's almost unbelievable and certainly comical what it's taken to get me to FULLY live my very best life.  
My relationship with food is at an all time high.  The launch of Campaign for Confidence (send in your photos today!) has been one big love project and constant affirmation that I am on the right path.  What's left are the details and my details involve sand under foot and a home full of things I love from the dishes and linens to my sweet fur face, Ned and partner, Cliff.  

Life is now.  I plan to live it. 
Good trip, right!

Photos from Plum Island in Massachusetts.