I'm writing curriculum for new eCourses and Group Health Coaching Sessions that are making me giddy.
The next Group session begins Jan 11 and I talked to new sponsors today for the support boxes (aka best swag ever).  If you missed Thriving Through the Holidays, join us for New Year, New You!  There's powerful change and a bright future just waiting to be explored!

A weekend road trip to San Luis Obispo has me left feeling renewed. And though I took my big girl camera I documented the entire trip on my iPhone.  Completely freeing. 
 The moon, all big and bright and clear. 
 The little lamp on my bedside at the hotel. 
 Wandering around Pismo Beach. 

 My new favorite picture of my love. 
 I love all the cool old motel signs near the beach. 
Our hotel had a huge checker board and it took both of us to remember how to play checkers!  SERIOUSLY not a good sign. We did much better at Ping Pong though!

Sunset on the patio was spectacular!

Avila Beach, CA
 Pandora sing along on the way home!  Everything from 50's tunes to Joan Jett, Enigma and the blues.  I'm reminded every time I sing in the car that I sound much better when singling LOUDLY! ; )
I still love the way people smile when they see the Smart Car.  Little makes people big happy.  I'm considering exploring that in the coming weeks.  Operation little in prep for the new year.  Less stuff. More happy.
Cliff and I are very into lighting at the moment.  We're talking about creating a chandelier together very soon.  It will be a first for both of us. 
I'm on day 1 of the CANCAN Cleanse and I've been singing Moulin Rouge if you CAN CAN CAN all day!

Got re- CPR Certified today with Cliff :)  We can totally save your life!
I had a helper kitty.  
Between the CPR class, the cleanse and talking with phone clients  the day has ZOOMED right on by. 
I hope you've had a wonderful Monday too!