Sunday found us in the car headed to the coast for a little salt water reset.  
 We stopped in Half Moon Bay at a huge nursery!
We saw amazing peonies
and colors so bright.
Then we made our way to wander around down town and found ourselves at the wine & cheese shop where they serve wine in beakers.

One day we'll have a room like this... it will either be a library or wine cellar but either way there will be a ladder on a rail and I will fly around the room on it.
And when I couldn't stand the poison oak itch anymore we headed to the ocean.

Soaking, soaking, still soaking...

Ahhh sweet relief!  Trust me when I say that you do not want to get poison oak or ivy or the like.  I feel like I want to rub my legs on a tree like a bear scratching his back.      

I never get tired of seeing sea side succulents.  So lovely.

Have I said lately that Sunday is my very favorite day of the week?