Hells Angels are riding, it's definitely road trip time!
So we headed to one of our favorite places, Carmel!  Where apparently, pigs cross the road.
 Along the way we passed fields of yellow.  
And then we arrive to find the cutest old fire station you've ever seen.  Ok we knew it was there, they buy our straps (YAY!) so you know... I had to see the place!
And then we found... the perfect beach spot.  And I'm talking perfect- no other people, just us and this perfect day.  We parked in a neighborhood and walked down to the beach. 
Maybe one day this will be the view from our backyard. 
Cliff didn't expect the walk to be so long so he went barefoot only to find that he did indeed need shoes.  So I gave him one of mine.  Sharing is caring after all.
We found a place to perch.
and rock gardens to explore. 
and algae pools living among the rocks.

and LOTS of birds

we raced the waves to shore and captured each other having fun.

and you know, of course we took long arm photos.

and I wrote my word of the year in the sand.  That's my shadow at the end of the word.  The surf came in to wash it out almost as soon as I'd written it.  Seemed a perfect way to lighten!

Beach days are back and with them I can't help but feel a renewed feeling of the promise that tomorrow holds. 

I hope this finds you feeling renewed!