Same time last year.

I love it when the seasons change, especially from summer to fall.  This is always a reflective time of year for me. This weekend I got to thinking...I wonder what I was doing this time last year?  Thanks to the marvels of digital photography I can take what I was doing back to 2007 when I purchased my first digital SLR. 

This time in 2007.  

Cliff and I went to Carmel on a day trip getaway.  I had no idea that in roughly one month's time he'd be proposing and I would be joy filled and exuberantly saying Y E S!  I was in the depths of my struggle with trying to breathe. I hated my day job in cubicle land and I had no idea that everything was about to change. 

 This time in 2008.
Everything HAD changed in the BEST ways.  Cliff and I were married.  I had surgery that fixed my trachea once and for all early that year.  I was working in a new creative career making scrapbooks and working on my first yoga studio project. And we were powerlifting.  Yeap, powerlifting (I'll do almost anything once).  I was sorting through photos and I literally almost spit all over my screen in laughter so of course this picture had to be THE photo!  I won for the dead lift at this meet, I was so proud, still am actually.  Anytime you get a plaque for being a bad ass that's a good thing.  Our powerlifting days ended shortly after this. It was largely due to the outfit.  You can see why.
This time in 2009.
We were meeting our sweet friend Emily's new baby, Panda.  Mom and I had just gotten home dropping my little brother off at college in Hawaii. We were getting ready to head to Atlanta for Clifftech's first Trade Show and life was full of promise.
This year.
  I had my first veggie sushi out this last weekend with friends.  It was delicious and now I can totally join you for sushi! I'm working on my 3rd yoga studio project (this one's a biggie) and I'm looking forward to fall and all it brings... fires to cuddle up and talk by, family visits, lots of cooking and about a million more photos and creative projects to complete before the end of the year.  I feel so productive this time of year.  I'm planning to use it for creative good.  ; ) 
photo cred: Montana Flemming
What were you doing this time last year?  
 Have a great, I'm talking super great week!