Sights of Sunday

We spent Sunday on the road.  It's one of our favorite things to do with a Sunday.
Today we decided to head north over the Golden Gate bridge to Mill Valley and then back down the coast through Half Moon Bay.

Of course we stopped along the way to wriggle our toes in the sand.
And now that summer is officially here everyone else was out and about too so we did a lot of sitting in traffic.  This guy on horseback had the right idea!
on this day enduring traffic wasn't horrible b/c it gave us time to see nature and talk about our dreams and ponder what's next in our life.

and once things started moving again the world passed by so beautifully with blurs of coastal color.
 doesn't this look just like brush strokes on a canvas!?
and we saw big Dr Seuss looking plants in bright purple.  I wanted to hike in and stand next to one for a photo b/c they are SO tall but after the poison oak fiasco (it's nearly all gone) I decided to settle for a photo from the car.  
 We found a surfer and Cliff gave him a little boost ;)

I just enjoyed the view and the "water"
And then it was sunset so we found a little place to sit and watch the day turn to night

We met some really nice families from Ohio and Indiana on vacation in Half Moon Bay.  I'm grateful that we live in a place where people come to vacation.  California is special.

So what about you?  You headed out on vaca or just for a drive sometime soon?
Have a wonderful week!