Status Update

cliff and lacy

Cliff and I went to Galveston.It's the beach of my childhood and I wish people would stop saying how ugly it is. The sea is soothing even when the water is brown.  Cliff had the best tuna of his life atan oceanfront restaurant! That's a pretty hefty endorsement.

This state really does love MEAT. I got laughed at for asking for a taco without meat. I had to explain 3x what I wanted in it. It was an amazing taco. Corn tortilla, avocado, pico, beans, grilled onions and peppers.

Transition isn't really that complicated you just have to get used to not knowing... which is what life is about anyway. Seems I'm finally getting a hold on my control issues.  Always learning, always.  Tears help in the process too.

Growing pains. Big sighs. Culture S H O C K. Reminding myself that it's ok to miss California, my friends, the food, the hiking, the road trips, the coast...and I do... all the time.  Skype helps. Email helps. And family field trips to Whole Foods.

Cody calls from Hawaii and I can almost feel the breeze, smell the air and feel the sand underfoot. Memories of those experiences carry me still.

Being a one car family is working. Green juice, everyday. Good things that never change.

Health coaching is my thing, brings me joy, makes me feel like I've won the lottery every time I hang up the phone. I want to reach more people and keep the positive, empowering change going.

Cliff is my person. Being together... being us plus two fur face cats is perfect.

All of our plants survived the move. Today signs of life from the olive tree we thought we'd lost. A little victory. It's in my very favorite pot too so I think it had that going for it. ; )

I find myself decorating our next home and placing furniture, picking colors and planning for spaces I haven't even seen yet.  Pinterest helps to soothe the craving.

Love from Texas! Hope your status is getting better by the minute!  Happy weekend to you! Lacy

photo credit: Mary Green <3