Status Update

Got a text from Cliff yesterday morning that read, 'good morning my universe' It's my second favorite text behind 'on my way' that he sends each night when he comes home from work. Togetherness is good. Partnership is good. This love is good. Cliff + Kayla are both reading books about rewriting the past (quantum physics) and as we all explore into it I feel like life is full of Back To the Future moments (only in the good way). Thankfully, no one is losing an arm or in jeopardy of not being born. My family is in a really good place. We are all doing our own healing work simultaneously and it's full-body-goose-bump powerful.

Friends + family + clients send me pictures of themselves eating/ drinking their greens and I nearly burst into song each time. I am in awe of my life. I am in awe of this passion for healing + thriving through what we eat, drink and think. AWE. I think back to the days of withering on the vine in the cubicle, knowing I was meant for more but unable to fully grasp it. I remember sitting on the floor in my girl friends cube hiding from my boss crying or drinking or both. Thirsty Thursday was the upside of corporate America!

Still thinking about our road trip adventure last weekend to see the Bluebonnets in bloom. Fields of blue with families in their Sunday best out taking photos. The other photos are of Brenham, Texas on the square.

I can't believe we've almost been here a year. More adventures coming in the near future. Planning to Remember the Alamo next. And then off to find dinosaur footprints somewhere near Dallas. Seriously.

FULL on electrical storm last night with buckets + buckets of rain. Power went out and we already had our nightly candles burning for the evening unwind. Didn't miss a beat. I love the sound of rain. Amazing how when you're with someone that kind of weather is romantic but when you're home alone it's a little spooky. What's up with that?

Ned is asleep in my chair as I type and I'm sitting on the edge. This is becoming a regular scene around here.

Carrot, apple, ginger + lemon juice is begging to be made and so... I'm off!

XO, Lacy

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