The next chapter.


The past 6 months can be summed up perfectly in one word, TRANSITION. We moved out of our house  in San Jose and in with our neighbor, Buc. I moved to Hawaii for 2.5 months and lived with my little brother and his roommate Phil. We moved to Texas and are living with my mom and her partner, Tom and soon we'll move into our sweet rent house. It's scooter distance from my mom's house (who am I kidding here it's biking, walking, hop, skip and a jumpin'distance). Kayla says this is the year all mom's dreams come true--- we live down the street, Kayla is going to give birth to her first child any day, Cody graduates from college this year and we will all be taking a family vacation to Hawaii for the event! It's a goodness packed year!

3 Bedrooms means I get to go back to having a home office + a guest room + master.

2 Baths means we each get our own bathroom again! YAY!

2 car garage means that Cliff will finally have a space to work on the things he loves playing with airplane + car parts and creating cool stuff.

A backyard with two great trees means that I will get to have a hammock and we will get to create a proper garden!

I'm so excited to document the journey here and share how we make this rent house our home! To unpacking very, very soon! Lacy

Photo credit of us: Mary Green