This is our life.

This morning I woke up and you said 30 more minutes... not five like usual. T H I R T Y--- and I obliged. I cracked open my book and wriggled in next to you our legs intertwined, cats nested at our feet (30 or 5 it's all the same to them, they'll be sleeping near us all day be it in bed, on the couch, stairs, at my feet as I work, in the love bucket in his office as he works). I read, you twitched in the throws of your morning dreams. I placed my free hand on your cool skin and you let out a sigh of complete contentment. 30 minutes turned into an hour, I watched you sleep between pages. I kissed you until you woke up and we began our day... you wanted dark toast and so you set the toaster and walked away. You have a tendency for abandoning cooking food. We noticed the smoke, you got the windows and doors, I hit the smoke detector without even a word-- we are an effortless team. I made you another piece of toast and delivered it to you as you sat talking to CNBC. The whole thing from smoke to new toast happened without a word. The look on your face as you reached out to take it was so beautiful. This is our life and I love it.