True story.


Recently we went to the DMV. While waiting and waiting and waiting we talked to several people coming and going as their numbers were called before ours... the first was a kiddo getting ready for college. He was so sweet asking Cliff questions about when he went to college, "where you scared?" "are you glad you went?" "was it hard to meet friends?" As his number was called, he smiled so warmly as he shook Cliff's hand to say thanks for the talk. I was reminded how cool it can be to talk to strangers, how we are really ALL ONE. Next came the homeless guy in a body cast who couldn't help but laugh out loud when I did a little victory chair dance that there were 5 more numbers to go til mine. He said he felt that same way but was 5 more numbers after mine so he'd save his dance for later. He brought his sleeping bag with him, we all decided it was a good call given the wait time.  And then the 60-something year old sisters who took turns going on smoke break and discussing their manicures in between rooting for us that it was almost our turn. 90- some odd minutes after waiting elbow-to-elbow in those plastic chairs that connect together they call my number! NOW SERVING 355. 355 to window 4.

Cliff jumps up, throws his hands in the air and yells WINNER! I jump up, thrust my arms in the air along with him and giggle. As we make our way to the window for service we're congratulated and met with applause by the crowd. We nod and smile, I do a little princess wave.

That would be an awesome end to the story but it's the DMV and they have a reputation to uphold...

We get to the window and I put our tickets on the counter. The lady says '356?! I called 355. Who is 355?' 'That's me,' I reply, 'here's my ticket.' She retorts back with, 'well then- YOU, sir need to sit. back. down. until your number is called.'

Big pouty face!

So as I'm finishing up, Cliff's number is called and I meet him at his window. His teller is all business too until I come bouncing over showing them my photo and telling them that I'm a Texan again with my best 'I'll have sweet tea, please ma'am' accent. She visibly softens and her lips part into the faintest little smile. As she enters his info I hear her say "that will do" and I am reminded of my English friends, Mark and Maria who say that very same thing! I ask her where she's from and that leads to a fantastic conversation about Scotland (her home), Ireland, England, beer, football (aka soccer) and rivalry. As we wrap up she smiles so big, waves with her whole upper body and says 'bye-now, you're wonderful people! Thanks for coming!'

And that is the story of how we became official Texans.

Moral of the story: talk to strangers & give people a reason to smile. It feels nice :)