Today Cliff and I have been married for 2 years!


Cliff! Hello Love!

Today I want to cuddle up in your arms and sleep in (and by the time you read this we have done just that). Happiness will always be not having to set an alarm, waking up to your smiling face and two fur face babies cuddled up with us.

Today I want to dance in the living room (or the rain if the weather channel is right) and make flip videos.

Today let's laugh extra, kiss extra and give each other the eye extra.


Today let's practice making a baby. Isn't it funny that having sex makes us happy and our parents happy too? Ew! I'm funny! Hey, aren't you happy you married such a funny lady! You are so lucky!

Today I will cook breakfast! I'm thinking amaranth and berries, raw milk and a little agave! Good for the body, yummy for the taste buds.

Today let's make a tent over our bed and watch our wedding video!

Thanks for watching stupid reality TV with me, for going to yoga with me, doing acro yoga with me anytime I want to and for being mine! I love sharing my life with you! Thank you for challenging me, supporting me, adoring me and being my very best bud.

Here's to TWO and many more!
Happy Anniversary!