Umbrella drinks and sandy beaches.

It's that time of year... Facebook is flooded with messages about getting away and going on vacation and it has me itching for a getaway with my love to somewhere tropical. By the way - remember when no one wanted to see your vacation photos and now everyone will click through if you load them to FB. Sign of the times!

Maybe something like Maui...


I'm cracking right up looking through old pictures to find one for this post. We were so doe-eyed and awkward. We were a brand spanking new couple going on our first vaca together, I had just purchased my first digital SLR and my pictures are as regular ole point-and-shoot vacation photos as they come. So cute!

That's a real flower in my hair! Cliff was just learning that there would be about a million more long arm photos in his future!

or like Key West for our honeymoon...


A lot less awkward in these ;)

This is the little island we stayed on.

but I'd love to step it up a notch and go somewhere we've never been, see things we've never seen and reeeeeelax like we've never relaxed!

Bora Bora would suit...

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It's STILL on the list and we'll get there. This girl is a very persistent and patient dreamer. I'm thinking we might just have to settle for beach getaway days this year (there's no room service but umbrella drinks could be arranged) and next year when Clifftech is booming we can make our escape to Bora Bora!

Where do you want to go or where are you going this summer?
What's your ultimate vacation destination?

Big California Sunshine Love,