Water Creatures

lacy and cliff mexico

I feel most at peace, most myself, most at home when I am in the ocean or on the beach with Cliff. Our trip to Catalina this summer is still fresh on my heart. We've just returned home from a family cruise last month to Mexico where we had another amazing water adventure, this time with dolphins! The cruise stopped in Cozumel and we decided to visit a National Park that had a little something for everyone. Cliff + I spent all our time going back and forth between snorkeling + sitting on the beach with a bucket of beer, chips + salsa!

After walking over to the pool to see the rest of the group I realize that there is a dolphin enclosure about 300 feet away from the edge of the snorkeling area and point it out to Cliff. You can see it to the right of us in the photo above. Though we are both WILDLY opposed to keeping dolphins in captivity for ticket sales and human entertainment we decide to swim over to see if we can see them. We get to the edge of the snorkeling area and are treading water right at the "do not cross this roped off area" line and I point out to Cliff in my best rule follower voice that we are not supposed to go over there. Cliff responds with a laugh and says "what are they going to do, make us get out of the water?" Fair enough, point well made. I so appreciate that Cliff reminds me to break the rules every now and then, to push the limits and go for it. I decide he's right and we cross the line. I felt like a total badass!

As we got closer I could hear the dolphins under water. The squeaking pulses telling each other that we were en route. I swam faster. As soon as we could, we hid under the dock out of sight from the trainers and tourists that were two enclosures over. We pulled ourselves under water using the mossy chain link fence leaving just our snorkels poking out of the water. The two dolphins were making circles around their water cage now swooping in close to check us out. As we held onto the fence they took turns coming up to us and poking their noses through the fence to touch us. For the next 20 minutes or more we took turns stroking their noses (is it called a nose?) and sending them love. I just kept repeating, I'm sorry you're here. Please forgive us. Thank you for this time! I love you!

It was exhilarating. It was heartbreaking. It was inspiring. It was exciting. It was moving. It was undeniable connection. We fantasized about setting them free. I wonder if they'd leave? I wonder if we'd have to go to Mexican jail? Would they know how to live in the wild again? So many questions that will be left unanswered but so much pure emotion from that magical experience that will stay with me for a long long time.

This year has been incredible for inspiring adventures! Wondering... What's that magical place for you? Where do you feel most at home?

xo, Lacy