Weekend Productive

The stairwell now matches the living room wall from our last weekend makeover.
It was a doozie to paint but it's perfectly sunshiney now and much more subtle than it was before! It used to yell 'HEY I'M LEMON CUSTARD BE HAPPY OKAY' and now it whispers 'Hello I'm happy and lovely just like you.'
Our DNA.
A gift from me to Cliff one Christmas.
One day maybe we'll hang it in the babies room.
Seems fitting. ;)

Cliff made the banister from a tree that fell at the cabin. It took 2 years to dry out before it came it its new home in the stairwell!

Light fixture is IKEA. One day we'll have fancy light fixtures but for now IKEA suits just fine.

At the top of the stairs is my C Moore original. It looks so good on the new yellow! I love how it brings out the yellow, orange and pink in the clouds.

We found a full length mirror at Target for $4 and put it on the back of my door in my closet. Every time Kayla comes to visit she complains that I took my fancy full length mirror to my massage space. Not any more! Gotta admit sis, It's kind of nice to see your whole self.

And the blank spot on the wall now has clipboards inspired entirely by
Rachel at Smile and Wave !
Rachel comes up with some of the best budget friendly DIY decorating ideas.

Mom! Thank you so much for sending me these!
I've never been so happy to receive office supplies!

It was a marvelously productive weekend!
All that and we went to the beach too!
Hope you are having a super productive Monday!