Weekend Recap.

photo 1-2

At the moment we're looking for a place to live in The Heights and we've officially been schooled on how quickly places get scooped up in the area.

Saturday morning I got up, looked at the new listings and selected a few for us to check out. By NOON the one we wanted was taken. It was just listed that morning!  HELLO, that was a surprise! We're trusting that the exact right house will reveal itself, give us time to get there, see it and put in our application in perfecting timing. Think happy little bungalow thoughts for us, please and thank you.

In the mean time we have visited storage, said hello to our stuff and riffled through a few boxes to get out Cliff's stethoscope and some other odds and ends that we wanted.

Sunday we spent the day on Lake Conroe boating, jet skiing and floating. It was SO hot out, getting in the water was the absolute best option! We laid down for bed last night and still felt like we were floating (i love that feeling).

Today is Cliff's first day at work! I'm so excited for him! We've both been counting down for this day! And it's the usual Monday for me (I actually LOVE Monday)... full day of health coaching calls and daydreams about what's next. I'm in photo shoot mode at the moment and it's so much fun to have my photographer Aunt Mary nearby to actually make them come to life! Look for some fun ones coming soon!

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday! Lacy