Beautiful You.

bare. beautiful. you.

There's something about a bare face. Ease. Wash and wear. The natural glow. The light in your eyes. The story it tells... the scar on my neck from trachea surgery. The crown on my front tooth from that time I tripped over a rock in a jump rope race in elementary school and the boy I had a crush on picked up me and my tooth and took us to the nurse.

So many times I've asked/ told Cliff before we go out... "I'm not going to wear make up, K?" His response is always some version of "You're so beautiful, you don't need make up!" And I believe him.

I took this #TBT photo with my sister early one Sunday morning as we were waiting for the Farmers Market to open. This is what we look like when we are together. It's always slightly frizzy curls, fresh faces and some version of stretchy pants + tank tops. This IS us. We talk about who we are, what we're creating and share our perspective. Perspective is one of our super powers.

Today I'm wondering... what if we all just were who we are. What if bare faces was code for THIS IS ME and I LOVE ME. Yes! That's my kind of code. Tag the people in your life that will totally get this. Tag your bare face selfies #campaignforconfidence

I see you. I celebrate you. I love you and your bare face! Lacy