Calling all trail blazers!

Hello, hello and happy Monday!

Campaign for Confidence is being received with tremendous support and love.  Friday night tobeadored hosted the first Campaign photo shoot and and we had a blast!  The best part of the night was a conversation I had with two gals who were initially reluctant to bare all but then decided to give it a go and had a really freeing experience.  We talked about size, about eating, about nourishment, about how women are portrayed in the media,  about how to dress your body, about the power of feeling confident in your body.  IT WAS AMAZING!  I love the conversations that are happening as a result of this campaign.  I love that women are going to grocery stores and looking at veggies in a whole new light. ; )

I've set a goal of having 1,000 women join the campaign by submitting their photos and I'm looking for ambassadors to join me in being head of the veggies ladies!  Do you believe in the message that healthy eating leads to loving your body?  Do you love your body or really, really want to?  Would you be willing to gather up some of your girlfriends and host a night for the campaign?  It can be as simple as an iPhone, a few girlfriends and a few veggies!  I'd love to see Campaign for Confidence nights being hosted all over the world!  Your party can be big or small, with women 18 to 108!  I guarantee it will bring your friendships to a whole new level with potential for laughter and meaningful conversations on body image, on being a women, on everything from A-Z.

I am working on sweet little thank you gifts (hint: it will be something from my herbal line) for ambassadors who submit 10 or more photos at a time.

Thank you all so much for believing in this Campaign!
Thank you for joining me in taking it all off for Confidence!

p.s. Today is the LAST day to join Thriving Through the Holidays Group Coaching Series.  Our first call is tomorrow 5:30 PST.  Just got another sponsor delivery :) for the swag boxes from my trusty UPS man.