Campaign for Confidence Update!

Hello hello fellow fruit and veggie lovers!  
Aren't I looking quite serious about my veggies!

Campaign for Confidence is now well under way and photo submissions are rolling in.  Are you ready to send in your submission?  Please send em on over! Go to to view the Women of the Campaign so far!  I'm loving hearing your stories about asking your husband to take a naked photo of you for the internet!  LOL  Priceless!

GOOD NEWS!  The campaign now has a proper web designer on board to write code so that I can add your names, ages and what you love or want to love about your body!  One day soon you'll be able to upload your own photo submissions too!  I am so excited to see it grow and change so quickly!

I'm still looking for:
*Campaign Ambassadors to host Confidence Parties and take photos to join!
*Press!  Would you help spread the word via your blogs, FB, Twitter etc? I believe that together we can make a difference in the confidence of women!  Together we can create a ripple effect of healthy eating leading to beautiful self esteem and powerful women! You are welcome to copy/paste my press release from here.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!
Thank you oh so very much!
I'm off to Boston tomorrow to cook/ teach healthy eating for a week!  Stay tuned for posts from Beantown!

I never thought I'd be saying this but please send me your naked photos! Remember to add in the strategically placed fruits and veggies!