Kale Yeah! T Shirts!

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Wahoo Kale Yeah! now has a T Shirt! Well, lots of them in lots of colors, lots of fits and lots of sizes. So new I don't even have one yet! We make $5 per t shirt and all proceeds will go to further the Campaign For Confidence efforts! That means buying more stickers, more postage for sending out stickers and saving up for the Campaign to hit the road! I've got some big dreams and some really really big plans for the near future.

Picture this... a Campaign For Confidence traveling photo booth at local farmers markets! Buy your weeks worth of veggies from your local farmer and then come and pose with them to join the Campaign on the spot! How's that for spreading awareness and encouraging you to eat the veggies that were just covering up your girls?! Makes me smile so big thinking about it!

Don't want a t-shirt but want to help with the Campaign? You can donate here.

Thank you for sharing your stories of confidence with me! Each email and note I receive affirms that we're doing good work and to keep going! Truly, it means so much!

With love + leafy greens! Lacy

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 In other news my sweet sister launched her shiny new website today on her 32nd birthday! Head on over and say Happy Birthday!