Time to kick it up a notch! Campaign for Confidence update & request!

Hello hello!  I'm delighted to bring you a  Campaign for Confidence update!

*I've loaded up a few new photos to the site today :)
*Evan (aka web guy) is nearly done with creating a space where you can load your own images to the site!
*Next I want to be a guest on Ellen to spread the word of Campaign for Confidence!  That's a pretty big one so I'll write it one more time to put some extra power behind those words...Next I want to be a guest on Ellen to spread the word of Campaign for Confidence!

Would you help me by sending Ellen an email on my behalf?  If you've already joined the campaign please send her your campaign photo in the email and tell her why you took off your clothes and grabbed veggies for Campaign for Confidence!  Share the story of how empowering it felt to take the photos.

If you haven't joined the campaign and plan to now is a great time to take your photo!  Let today be the day you begin your journey to change your relationship with food and your body.  If you believe in what the campaign is about but haven't taken a photo and aren't ready to yet please email Ellen to share your support for the message!  

 Here are a few other ways you can support the campaign!

1. share this video on FB, Twitter, with the beautiful women in your life via email.

2. Join the Campaign by submitting a photo!  Perhaps over the Christmas holiday you can do a photo shoot with the women in your family?!  Group photos are totally welcome!  My first submission of two girl friends is up at the site now.

Thank you so much for your belief in this project.  I am so grateful for every last story, photograph and well wish.

Sending love right on back to you!
To confidence and veggies!