Whole lota good!

Kale Yeah!

There's so much goodness coming out of this week (and it's only Wednesday)! A new juicing poster to help making green juice really easy and Kale Yeah! stickers to promote my love project Campaign For Confidence! Happy Juicing!

I get asked ALL THE TIME: How do you juice? What should I juice? How much should I use of each thing? In response we've created this super sweet Happy Juicing Flow Chart! You're about to go from beginner juicer to master green juice connoisseur with this easy recipe guide. I think this would look so cute printed and framed in your kitchen! What a sweet reminder to make juice instead of getting lost in a pint of ice cream. Just sayin' ; )

Get the FREE download here.

Kale Yeah!

Aaand the Campaign For Confidence Kale Yeah! stickers have arrived! They are SO cute! Wanna help spread the word? I'm sending out FREE stickers for YOU! I bet you know of a street sign, produce scale, mirror, laptop, etc etc etc that could use a little sprucing! Kale Yeah you do! Get in touch via my contact page with your mailing address and I will send some out to you this week! I promise to keep your address locked in a vault and only used for this one-time mailing!

Post pictures of where you put your Kale Yeah! stickers to Instagram and tag them with @lacylike #campaignforconfidence I'll put them up here for you to see once we have a little collection!

Thank you so much for reading, for supporting, for being here and for being you!

Love + gratitude for days! Lacy

Special thanks to Angeles of Yoga-Art.net for lending her impeccable design talents to these projects!