100 Day Project

starts today and I'm IN for the challenge. I'm going to be reflecting on all things Shift. What it takes to Shift. How Shifting actually works. Why we do it. Why we don't and stay stuck instead. Why sometimes we MUST Shift and others it doesn't matter a lick. What it feels like when it's working. What it feels like when it's not. Shifting is one of the things I know enough about to fill 100 days with ease. And it feels worthy of my time and yours. 🙌🏼 I'm not into projects for the sake of projects lately. There has to be a 'why' that deeply resonates. I want to see energy Shift and with it all our moods, our states of being. I've never done a project like this before and it feels just enough outside of my comfort zone that it makes it a 'hell yes.'

I'm in the business of personal transformation - mostly my own. That's how this all started anyway. When my favorite high school teacher strongly urged me NOT to major in interior design and instead to favor a career where I could directly impact people with my empathy and my being I didn't fully understand but I majored in psychology instead. 📚 
Amazing how much change can come from listening and acting on advice from someone we respect. I hope that something you read over the next 100 days plants a seed within you that grows into something surprising and beautiful. 💚

I'm excited to cheer you guys on through this process so if you're doing the 100 day project too share in the comments so I can stop in and say heeeey! It seems I'll be here a whole lot more than usual. Like 100x more. 
Ps. We live here 😍