A MUST Watch

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Watched the documentary - Won't You Be My Neighbor - this weekend. It's so beautiful and worthy of your time. I was struck by so many things but sitting down tonight to write 3 are asking to be shared...
1. He was undeniably beloved and shaped several generations and yet there were moments when he wasn't sure if he could do it or if he was helping in the way he hoped.

That's real.

We all face doubts and demons. I wish I could tell you that it goes away, that someday we wake up and feel like we're doing the best we can and it's all perfection but it feels like a condition of being human that in some form we will all have doubts along the way.

I want to remind you that you matter and being you is enough. Fred Rogers was genuine and he showed up fully himself and that certainly shaped my early years.
2. People protested at his funeral. I couldn't believe it and I cried watching it. My heart doesn't understand division. I know people want to stand up for what they believe in but when it hurts others it just doesn't compute in my heart. That may sound so simplistic but it's what I've got. The more work I do on myself and with others the more I see that love is everything and the only thing.

I'm reading a book called Frequency right now and in it Penney Peirce says that, “Truth is love moving though the mind." Those words brought so much into alignment for me. LOVE really is all we need.
3. As with anything in life keep what most resonates and toss the rest. I teach that and believe it’s a supportive practice. Here’s what resonated from the docu and remembering my years watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood:
Invite moments of silence and pause.
Speak truth.
Show kindness.
Your deep feelings are not to be feared.
You are loved and capable of loving.