Back In Bali

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I’m back in Bali! I love being here so much. I love the easy access to organic vegan food and endless health elixirs. I love how I feel - abundant, possible and sweaty. I love the undeniable beauty of the people and plants. I love the flower offerings, the daily rituals and how easy it is for me to slow down to notice them.

👉🏼Give yourself permission to do more of what you love and much less of what you don’t.
👉🏼Listen to your intuition and act accordingly.
👉🏼Trust yourself even when what you’re feeling is counter to the world view.
👉🏼Eat food that feels life giving, drink more magical elixirs (coolest kombucha label/ packaging ever, right!) meditate, travel to beautiful places and tell deep truths.
👉🏼Practice kindness starting with yourself. Seriously could you be just 20% nicer to YOU today?

With so much love and gratitude from Bali, Lacy